AutoChic - Juliet Potter

AutoChic - Juliet Potter

With a car the second largest purchase decision a woman will ever make, the statistics are undeniably clear.

Women now purchase over 60% of all new cars and make the final decisions in 85% of all new car purchases and have more power in automotive than ever before - yet 89% of women still report a negative experience in their dealings in the industry.

Enter Juliet Potter who is recognised by Australian women as a "champion" and "pioneer" in feminising the automotive industry. Juliet launched the very first automotive website for women in 2000, (a world’s first!) and the first automotive brand and communication initiatives to help facilitate change in the automotive industry and to finally give women representation and a voice. She has since created an online genre for female automotive after many years of negativity and set backs. No mean feat for mother of two who pioneered these changes alone.

Juliet has seen regular coverage in most major media titles in Australia since 1999, as well as national and international conference invitations, training seminars and regular guest-speaking roles. Juliet has gained regular PR in female magazines, contributing and instigating car features as the “industry expert” and is often asked to comment on and attend various media events to represent females in the auto world and has been asked to contribute opinion pieces and consult for such publications such as the Daily Telegraph and The Sydney Morning Herald. Juliet also launched the very first Car of the Year Awards for women in 2006 and sponsors for 2007 (due to launch April 2008) include such prestigious brands as ANZ, Bridgestone, NRMA and BP.

Since 1999, Juliet has featured in such publications as Who Weekly, Time, New Weekly, New Idea, Woman’s Day, New Woman, B Magazine, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Madison, Girlfriend, Dolly, Marie Claire, Ralph, Vive, Qantas Magazine, The Open Road, The Sydney Morning Herald, Drive, Life, The Financial Review, The Sun Herald, The Melbourne Age, The Manly Daily and The Sunday Telegraph. Juliet has also been interviewed on countless radio stations and also had her own lifestyle automotive radio show on 2UE and worked with 2GB, ABC and Nova, to name a few. Juliet has appeared on television shows such as Mornings with Kerri-Anne, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, The Today Show and Sunrise.

Over the years, Juliet has consulted and worked with such prestigious brands as eBay Motors, the NRMA, Bridgestone, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Autobarn and to ensure they understand just what women want both online and off. Recognising her passion for the environment, industry profile and commitment to women in the automotive realm, the Queensland Government has recently appointed Juliet as the Female Champion for their Ethanol +e marketing campaign to raise awareness on the benefits of ethanol-blended fuels.

Juliet's newest online triumph is Alongside business partners Martin Hoffman (ex CEO ninemsn) and Rob Antulov (ex CEO of Digital Strategy at Fairfax), her websites advertisers currently include such names as ANZ, Bridgestone, BP, Audi, Kia, NRMA and Audi and already boasts an active database of over 10,000. Average UV's combined with partner site 'CarChic' are between 1 and 1.2 million per month.

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“Juliet Potter is famous for bringing the female touch to the automotive industry”.

Beth Muhling, The Sunday Telegraph

“I encourage you to take up the program that Juliet presented, which, in my professional judgement, is one of the finest presentations that I have seen on any product and in any demographic for a long, long time. If we can take the energy of Juliet and focus on that, we will be able to move forward. There can never be a better time or a greater need.”

Chuck Parker, Automotive Digest USA

“Juliet is truly a very talented and passionate woman and should be proud of all that she has done in feminising the automotive industry. So many people were impressed by her and it was quite an honour to have her in the USA”.

Caryl Hershman, President, Advancing Women in Automotive Retail Enterprise

“Juliet Potter’s presentation left little doubt as to where her energy and efforts are focused. She is focused squarely on educating the retail automotive industry on the differences in how women buy and encouraging the industry to address their needs”.

Harlene Doane, Auto Dealer Monthly and




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