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"Rowdy" Roddy Piper is one of the most famous wrestlers who ever lived. Piper might just be the greatest "sports entertainer" of all time.

Never a great pure wrestler, what made him so successful included things such as being a great brawler, tremendous interviews and delivery, pure guts, and being involved in the right kind of feuds and matches such as Hogan, Snuka, Orndorff, Muraco, Adonis, Bruno Sammartino, Valentine and so on.

By the time Piper entered the WWF in 1983, he had already developed into somewhat of a legend in the business. Piper and Hogan took wrestling to a new level with the mainstream exposure that surrounded the "War To Settle The Score" that was broadcast on MTV. This became know as the rock and wrestling connection, which later developed into Rock N Roll Wrestling (a name that many people associate pro wrestling with).

Bret "Hitman" Hart probably got the best match out of Piper, at Wrestlemania 6.

Piper's skills are not just restricted to the wrestling ring. He is a very accomplished boxer and actor. This is well documented, so I won't go into to much detail here.

His match at Wrestlemania where he teamed with Paul "Mr Wonderful" Orndorff and took on Hulk Hogan and Mr T will be remembered forever.

Examine the Roddy Piper Film List and The Internet Movie Database for more information about Piper's acting career.

Piper has seen better ring days, however his legend will live on forever.


"They Lost Their Smiles and Could Not Find Them"

October 10, 2002

In the spring of 2001, Roddy Piper was honored with a lifetime achievement award given by The Cauliflower Alley Club at their annual meeting in Las Vegas.

In his speech, Piper discussed his concern and commitment to helping retired Boxers and Wrestlers get the proper medical care that they all so desperately need for injuries and years of the physical pounding that their bodies have endured. He explained how legend Johnny Valentine was very ill and could not afford to seek the proper medical treatment due to not having medical insurance. A check was donated to Valentine's wife to assist the family in getting him the urgent attention he needed. But, it was too late, the world lost Johnny Valentine two days later.

Piper vowed at this time, to donate 5% of all of his future earnings to a fund which will provide assistance to these retired athletes, who have no insurance and sometimes not even a place to call home. Father Jason Sanderson of St Judes Liberal Catholic Church in Nashua, New Hampshire, was so moved by Piper's speech that he has donated 44 acres in Vermont to the cause. Father Sanderson had recently won the second largest Powerball lottery drawing in the United States and received an unprecedented 66 million dollars!

Roddy Piper is closely working with Father Sanderson coordinating the building of a Medical Care Center for retired Boxers and Wrestlers who cannot afford medical benefits or decent housing.

Roddy Piper has generously invited all of his old friends and comrades to join him on his national promotional tour for "In The Pit With Piper." He wants to share his book signing events with these men and women who have shared in his blood, sweat and tears, and share with the world the stories and the wrestling matches that have made them all household names.

Roddy Piper will announce, with these local athletes, his plan for the Retirement Care Center. Please join him in spreading the word and the need for helping these retired athletes, who may have no where else to turn. This tragedy has been going on far too long.

Roddy Piper invites all of the Local Legends and Frat Brothers to join him as his Special Guest in each of the cities he will be appearing. If you would like to be a part of this special occasion, contact mediarelations@piperbook.com. The complete Tour Schedule will be released shortly.

Piper releases autobiography "In the pit with Piper" in October 2002. Check our written word section for updates.

Official website: "In the Pit with Piper"

Piper retired in 2000.

March 2002

Roddy Piper's car accident injuries are apparently much worse than the XWF believes. Piper broke four ribs, with one rib
puncturing his liver, suffered back injuries and a smashed ankle. Piper came very close to dying from his liver injury. Piper will return to XWF shows wearing a flack jacket to protect his ribs, and crutches to help him walk.

Some Roddy Piper history:

Roderick George Toombs (a self-described "lone wolf") was born in Saskatoon, Canada (not Scotland..that was a WWF tale) on April 17th 1951 to Scottish/Irish parents. He did live in Glasgow as a child, and really did learn to play the bagpipes!

Actually he lived all over the world, traveling to 13 places by the time he was 13! His family settled in Toronto's Don Mills area, and Roddy was expelled from Don Mills Junior High School for carrying a switch blade. His father was a Canadian policeman, who, claims Roddy, "never told a lie in his life"...while Roddy got kicked out of his middle class home for his hi-jinks.

He literally lived on the streets, hitchhiking around Canada and staying in youth hostels. He began working out at Lansdowne Gym, and also won a Golden Gloves amateur boxing award. He broke his hand in a street fight, thus ending his boxing career and turned to wrestling. He hoped to go to the Olympics with it, but when he took his first pro fight at age 16, (thus ending any hope of an Olympic career!) it was against Larry "The Axe" Henning. He worked 7 days a week, putting up billboards, learning the ropes while living in a Chevy Vega with his pit bull

His big break came when he moved to the Pacific Northwest, where he became a top draw. He went onto Georgia, joining the NWA, where his feuds with Ric Flair and Greg Valentine are legendary........he held the US title, the Mid-Atlantic TV title as well as the US Heavyweight title and held the Tag Team title 8 times.....

During the now infamous dog-collar match with Greg the Hammer Valentine, Roddy lost 75% of the hearing in his left ear, (which remains today) and it also threw off his equilibrium, and he was told his wrestling career was over.

He left to join the WWF in '84 as Paul "Mr Wonderful"Orndorff's manager, but soon returned to the ring. He then began feuding with Hogan, which earned them both a place in wrestling history with the first WrestleMania.

At WWF Wrestlemania 2 he badly embarrassed Mr T, in a boxing match.

His now infamous Pipers Pit interview segments are unparalleled today, and he went onto win the WWF Intercontinental title in '92 from The Mountie.

He retired after losing that title to his pal Bret Hart at WM8, and went onto establish his making 22 films to date. He reappeared in the WWF in '95 as President, and feuded with Goldust.(and won,of course!:)

Piper underwent a total hip replacement in Dec. '95 and has suffered numerous injuries, as well as being stabbed by irate fans and shot at once! At WCW's Halloween Havoc '96, he appeared to once again feud with Hogan, and engaged in several feuds with Flair, the nWo and numerous other foes.

His finishing move is the sleeper hold.

Piper stands 6'2, 235 lbs., resides in Oregon with his wife Kitty and 6 children, dogs, chickens and horses.

Rowdy Roddy Piper, a true wrestling legend.

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