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This is the only Outback Jack (Peter Spilsbury) website in existence as far as I know, and there is good reason for that! I did not create this tribute to Outback Jack because I thought he was a great wrestler, quite the opposite.

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Outback Jack (former WWF / WWE wrestler)

"Outback" or "Outhouse" as Jesse Ventura would say, was a likable, friendly soul, however his wrestling skills somewhat "sucked", as Mick Foley would say, and that covered allot of ground in the WWF circa 1987 when Jack was brought on the scene. I read in Dynamite Kids book, Pure Dynamite, that Jack told him something like he was on a rocket to the top of the WWF, however, Dynamite told him that rockets needed fuel. I guess that means that Jack was all show, and no go, which is a fair appraisal of his wrestling talents, although I still respect anyone that can "make it" in the world of pro wrestling.

News Flash:

In November 2001, I actually received an e-mail from Outback Jack! As you would imagine, I was ecstatic about this. I was surprised it took him so long to contact me, non the less, he did. The contact made me appreciate his contribution to pro wrestling more, and improved my respect for this bloke. It is so easy to just site and watch wrestling, sports and other performances, and not fully realize the talent required to put on an entertaining event.

Bellow I have published the e-mail. Jack, if your reading this, let me know if you want your e-mail to stay published on this website, or if you would like it to be removed.

Subject: A few years after the fact (14th November 2001)

Dear Greg,

I had locked away most of my memories of my WWF days. However, I new friend, female to be sure questioned me on how I came to be in the US.

Of course I told her the truth, the whole truth and something like the truth, so help me Killer Khan. She then searched the web.

One thing I have noticed is that the old show has gone through some odd evolutions. It would seem that Vince got his wish to be bigger than any of the boys and to reduce his family to a synthesized Von Eric clan.

From what I hear, a lot of the chaps that I worked with are dead. Perhaps you can fill me in on some of the inside info. Then perhaps I might share with you some deep dark secrets.

Sincerely, not nearly as bad a worker as your publicity might state.


I hope Jack had fun in the WWF in the short time he was there, 'cause I believe allot of fans made fun of his talent, or lack there of. Who can not forgot his finisher, The Boomerang (a clothesline to the back of the neck / head) of his opponent, as Jack would run off the ropes, and the opponent would kind of put their head down, waiting for the move, probably 'cause they were shit scared Jack would blow the spot and put them out for real!

I am composing a list of all known Outback Jack matches and results. Here are some of the matches I can remember:

Steve Lombardie
Debut of Outback Jack, I believe, Jack was very green
Barry "O"
What did Barry do to deserve this? Barry made him look OK
Barry Horowitz
Horowitz had much of this match. He took Jack down and worked on his legs. Jack was sore
"Iron" Mike Sharpe
I was watching one on my old "Spectrum Wresting" tapes when I came across this "classic"
Killer Khan
The last time we ever saw Jack on WWF TV. Got the mist, followed by the kneedrop

Outback Jack

Old photo in Australia
VS Jim Neidhart
Tag match with jobber
At The Slammy's
LJN Wrestling Figure
VS Ted Dibiase
Tiny Kangaroo Down Sport
with a knife!
WWF t-shirt
Fan Letters and info

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Outback Jack Down Under

Crocodile Huntress (the female equivalent of Outback Jack?) Don't tell her that!

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