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You may call him every bad name in the book, you may boo and hiss at the very sight of him, but make no mistake about it, if Vincent Kennedy McMahon were not the ruthless, driven, cocky Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE would not be the pre-eminent global provider of entertainment that it is today.

It all started in 1982 when Mr. McMahon made the decision to purchase what was once called the World Wide Wrestling Federation from his father, Vincent, Sr. The senior McMahon had tried to persuade his son to not enter the business, but as would become a legendary McMahon trait, Mr. McMahon was defiant and he not only entered the “family business,” but he revolutionized it.

In March of 1985, McMahon embarked on what would become the very event to make sports entertainment the global phenomenon that it is today. It would be called WrestleMania and it was such an overwhelming success that 20 years later, it is still the biggest annual event in sports entertainment. In a mere three decades, Mr. McMahon’s passion and vision has made this industry what it is today and the vision has not faded one bit as he is still at the top of his game.

While other corporate executives choose to keep a low profile or not be a part of their own product, Mr. McMahon is right there in the mix, appearing regularly on WWE television and even mixing it up in the ring. He participated in some of the most highly-anticipated matches in WWE history and his rivalries with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan parallel some of the most heated matches in the long history of sports entertainment. He is even famous for taking action against his own family when they stand in his way and has tried on numerous occasions to drive his own wife, son, and daughter out of the industry. Unfortunately for Mr. McMahon, the passion he displays is an inherited trait and the battles within the McMahon family continue to this day.

You say his actions against members of his own family and fan-favorite Superstars are too much to bear? Keep in mind that before Mr. McMahon, sports entertainment was a regional series of wrestling territories with no national television exposure and little public fanfare. It was Mr. McMahon’s vision that brought about the very first WrestleMania and all of the subsequent major events in sports entertainment that continue to take place to this day.

So excuse Mr. McMahon if he does not care about the boos. Excuse him if he does whatever it takes to rid those who speak out against him, whether it is Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker, or another member of the McMahon family. Excuse him if he simply does not care…he is Mr. McMahon and he has earned to right to do just about whatever he wants. And if you have a problem with that, he will prove to you that you never cross the boss!


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19th September 2002

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18th June 2002

Transcript of JR and Vince McMahon commenting on Stone Cold Steve Austin leaving WWE in June 2002

April 2002

The man is going back. The last time Vince McMahon was on the Bob Costas Show, the host was interrupting the WWF Chairman and a simple one on one interview almost ended up in a fight. Vince McMahon announced that on May 16th, he's going back to the show and if this time around Costas will "get in his way", he will forget that the host is only 4'10"
120lbs and he's going to consider that he's Hulk Hogan and beat "the living hell out of him!"


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