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Media Man Australia interviews:

Dan Severn - 10th June 2003


Anthony Kelly (Extreme Reaction Trainer) and Guinness World Record Holder

Media Man Australia inks deal with AWF Wrestling - November 2003 *Greg TNT Kid uses some martial arts techniques.

Media Man Australia: Sports

Australia's Sam Greco competes at K1 in Japan, and joins World Championship Wrestling (October 2000)


Pancrase Total Fighting

Pancrase is full contact and employs techniques from a range of fighting disciplines.

Pancrase has its roots in the Ancient Olympic sport of Pankration.

Fighters can win by knockout or by forcing their opponent into submission.

Pancrase will make its Australian debut in Sydney in October 2000. The goal and spirit of Pancrase is to test two combatants in a full-contact total fight.

A fascinating interpretation of martial arts, Pancrase was founded in 1993 by two great Japanese fighters Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki who were looking for the ultimate test of their full range of combat skills.

Pancrase is a hybrid form of fighting which employs the striking techniques of karate, kung fu, taekwondo and kickboxing, the throwing techniques of judo, Aikido and both freestyle and Olympic wrestling, as well as the ground fighting techniques of traditional and Brazilian ju-jitsu.

Pancrase is based on the ancient Olympic fighting sport of Pankration the most fiercely contested of the three fighting sports of the time. Pankration fighters had to use any technique necessary to defeat their opponent by either submission or knockout, in fights without time limits. One of the legends of Pankration is that a fighter was awarded a gold medal posthumously after being killed in the act of making his opponent submit.

While Pancrase may not have the same end result, it is an extremely demanding sport in which the combatants must possess a full range of fighting skills. Skilled strikers can be brought down by effective grapplers, while grapplers may not have the chance to use their skills if struck down by their opponents. Only a handful of Australian fighters have fought in Pancrase internationally on a regular basis. The sport will, however, become part of the Australian professional martial arts scene for the first time in Sydney in October.

I believe Australian fighters have some of the best skills and potential of any country, but the one thing they don t have is the platform to showcase their talents, promoter Chris DeWeaver says. I hope to change that so we can have our best be truly world class. For more details call Chris DeWeaver on 0416 166 977.

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Ken Shamrock


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