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Jan 2001: Luger's future in pro wrestling is unclear at this point. WCW is on the verge of being sold, and wrestlers are being let go left, right and centre. Luger is not one of their favorites!

2000: Not a good year for Luger. I(involved in non event feuds and getting limited TV time! Who would have thought!

This is a tribute to Lex Luger. Luger has done extremely well in pro wrestling, considering his actual wrestling ability. Many feel Luger's best days were in the late 80's when he had some classic battles against who else, other than The Nature Boy, Ric Flair! Flair got the best out of Luger, as he has a talent for.

Luger has always been more "over" as a heel (bad guy) as it seems to come naturally to him. I personally never "bought" him as a face. I enjoyed Luger's days with the Four Horseman, until they parted ways.

Luger has always been more suited to single's wrestling, however, he did make a formidable team with Sting, and they did actually hold the WCW Tag Team Titles.

The year 2000 sees Luger as a full on "heel" once again, as is in feud's with Hogan and Terry Funk.

As to how long Luger remains near the top in pro wrestling is anyone's guess, as the landscape of wrestling is changing, to the younger, more athletic types, however, there has always been spots for wrestlers who have "the look" as Luger does.

To be continued...

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