The Legion Of Doom

The Road Warriors


The LOD was "hard-core" be fore there was "hard-core" if you know what I mean. They dominated pro wrestling from the 80s to 1995. I understand they started in the AWA, and moved on though promotions NWA, All Japan Pro Wrestling,WCW and WWF. Some of The Roadies most memorable bouts were in the WWF were against The Nasty Boys and Demolition.

My favorite Roadie match is against Hulk Hogan and Genchiro Tenryu in Japan at WWF/SWS Wrestlefest, held on 3rd March 1990, at The Tokyo Egg Dome, in Japan.

I also enjoyed their singles bouts when they would take on the likes of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Hawk wrestled more than Animal as a singles competitor. Hawk had a successful run in Eastern Championship Wrestling in 1994. Hawk even wrestled in Australia in 1993 on the Wrestleriot 2 tour.

The Legion Of Doom will go down in history as the most feared tag team, in addition to the only team to ever hold all three major titles(WWF, WCW, NWA)


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