As you know, Kane arrived in the WWF to feud with his brother, The Undertaker.

In reality, Kane was brought in, as the WWF was short on characters, and obviously someone thought it would work, and it did. The Undertaker, and Paul Bearer "got over" Kane huge.

In past role's, Kane (Glen Jacobs) as taken on the identities of The Unibomber, Isaac Yankem DDS and Diesel (the fake one). Jacobs really hit the jackpot when the character, Kane was delivered to him.

Kane's WWF feuds have included the likes of The Undertaker, Mankind, Vader, X Pac, Big Show and HHH.

Kane also had a love interest in Tori.

It's unclear what is in Kane's future, as he has already accomplished a great deal in the WWF, but one thing remains clear, he is "over" big time, and his wrestling skills as a hard "worker" have dramatically improved.


September 2002

Kane is back in action, after a long break with injury. We wish Kane well.

April 2002

There's bad news for the RAW roster as Kane's torn bicep injury will be keeping the big red machine out of the spotlight for up to four months! Certainly something the WWF didn't hope for considering the limited star power on Monday nights. WWF.COM says that Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery on Tuesday in Birmingham, AL.

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