Jobber's (Preliminary / "Curtain Jerker") Tributes

My personal favorite jobbers in order were

Barry "O" (Orton)
Yes, "Cowboy" Bob's brother. This guy was dam good. Excellent I/C Title material, but the
word is he wouldn't do favors for the boys, so he didn't get pushed. For more info watch
the wrestling scandal footage from 1992. Barry will always be the champ in my book.
Salvatore Bellomo
Hailing from Italy, Sal always gave his all, which never was enough! Sal could go. Watch
Sal VS Paul "Mr Wonderful" Orndorff in MSG 1984
Red Walsh
Red had no business being in a wrestling ring, especially against Terry Funk, as I remember.
I hope Red made in back to Ireland ok, and in one piece!
Steve Lombardie
You gotta love Steve Lombardi / Brooklyn Brawler / Doink / MVP etc etc etc
Michael Foley
Yes, Mick Foley / Cactus Jack / Mankind / Dude Love Mick got the crap beat out of him
by The British Bulldogs in the WWF in 1986. Read about it in Mick's book.
Terry Gibbs
Well, as requested by Australia's premier wrestling ref, Graham "Fozzy"
Rusty Brooks
Who could forget this fat tub of glue. Like a mid 80's version of Ralphus! This is the official website!
Ron Hutshinson
Ron was actually a very good worker and seller, but was probably about 50 pounds to light!

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Any information and / or pics, you can e-mail me on these "jobbers", or even your own personal favorites, is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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