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This is a tribute to Italian wrestlers, and those who present themselves to be. Pro wrestling has a long history in Italy. Much of this is due to the legacy that Bruno Sammartino left behind.

Italian Wrestlers
Bruno Sammartino
David Sammartino
The Mamalukes
Salvatore Bellomo
The Disco Inferno
Mario Milano (lives in Melbourne, Australia)
Salvatori Bellomo
The FBI (Full Blooded Italians) Tracey Smothers and Little Guido
Sam Greco
The Baldies
Paul Roma
Bruno Sammartino: Wrestling's Living Legend
Mario Milano: The Italian Stallion
The Great Aussie Promoters
The Great Yankee Promoters
Wrestling Promoters Down Under
Italian Websites
Italian Championship Wrestling
Media Man Australia, Greg Tingle, Interviews Phil Picasso

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