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IWA Des Catcheurs Internationaux Action a’ Tahiti et Moorea ! -- Posted by iwaweb on Thursday, May 16 2002

Day 1 - IWA’s Arrival in Paradise !

The IWA Tour of Tahiti and Moorea Islands is now history - Un Spectacle Costaud !
7 fantastic days, 8 fun filled nights, 3 great shows.

The crew left Sydney at 5pm on Tuesday morning ( May 7 ) except King Haka who departed from Melbourne.

Haka met the Sydney siders in Auckland, New Zealand for the connecting flight to Tahiti and about 8 hours later they all arrived. Having crossed the International date line during the flight it was 11pm on Monday ( May 6 ) in Tahiti. The Island of Tahiti is located right in the middle of the Pacific ocean, about half way between Australia & the USA.

The IWA crew were given a very warm reception from the official committee at Tahiti Airport where King Haka danced a spectacular ‘Haka war dance’ for the media and local wrestling fans. Later they all checked in to the luxurious Tahiti Sheraton Hotel.

Day 2 - IWA Tahitian Television Promotion - Move to Moorea !

The next day ( Tue 7 May ) TV promotion began at 9am Pool side at the Sheraton.RFO TV is the local station that reaches most of French Polynesia. Broadcasts are aired twice a day in both French & Tahitian language.

During the Interviews Haka spoke Tahitian but was attacked by an insensitive hog of a man, Mark Mercedes, who else. Angus McLoud ran in to help his mate Haka but was blind sided by Billy Cole. Cole smashed McLoud over the head with a large tray before inflicting more harm with a ladder.

McLoud needed two stitches in his head after the attack. The RFO cameras got all the action, including a gruesome close up of the nasty notch on Angus McLoud’s melon.

After McLoud had been stitched up by Dr. Bertrand the wrestlers climbed into the back of a 4WD Pick up truck, complete with flags, flyers and a local traditional drummer who ‘beat his instrument ’ as they paraded toward the RFO TV Station.

Meanwhile the women, Persia ( La Tigresse de Perse ) & Nixxon ( Championne Amateur Pan Pacific ) were doubled on some very impressive motorbikes through the island into town. Stunning views from the motorcade with lush tree covered volcanic mountains on one side and a beautiful turquoise lagoon on the other side.

Once at RFO TV Station the wrestlers were guests on a popular talk show. Also the photographers from ‘La Depeche de Tahiti’ Newspaper were on site to get more promo shots. Following these promotional events the motorcade chauffeured them into Papeete Markets for lunch, more interviews with the local media and some shopping.

Later they all checked out of the Sheraton Hotel Tahiti and transferred to Sheraton Hotel Moorea on the 4pm Ferry from Papeete. That night they enjoyed dinner at the Hotel and everyone was delighted by the restaurants entertainment, local musicians and dancers in tradition costumes were performing.

The dancing girls picked out people from the tables to join them and dance. Australia’s Arbitre ‘Lucky’ Tyrone Townsend was one of those taken to dance with a beautiful Island Princess, and I happen to know he loved every second of it even though he is a crap Island style dancer. ( Video available ) Day 3 - Moorea Promotions / IWA Snorkeling in the Lagoon / IWA Live Event #1

Wednesday 8th May began with breakfast in the hotel. Succeeding another motorcade promotional tour of the Island, a visit to the arena to see the ring getting set up.

The afternoon before the show the crew had several hours of free time. Most of it was spent snorkeling in the lagoons of Moorea ( Paradise ) Island. Tropical Fish everywhere, coral formations, eels, octopus’, Vol de raies arme’es dans le lagon de Moorea. Ballet aquatique dans le lagoon de Moorea. The twin sister Bay of Cook and Opunohu are underwater heavens.

IWA @ Moorea Island, Afareaitu Sports Centre, 8pm Wednesday 8 May 2002
(IWA@ -Salle Omnisports Afareaitu Moorea, 20H Mercredi, 8 Mai 2002 )

Angus McLoud pinned Billy Cole
Kathryn Nixxon beat Persia
IWA South Pacific Champion : King Haka pinned Challenger : Mark Mercedes
Super Six Tag - King Haka, Angus McLoud, Kath Nixxon beat
Mark Mercedes, Billy Cole, Persia.

A show to be proud of, wild tropical storms outside and wild wresting action inside. Loads of little white translucent gecko’s ran across the ceiling of our dressing room. King Haka is by far the most popular wrestler with the local fans, New Crew Billy Cole and Mark Mercedes the most hated heels.

Charismatic Angus McLoud went over with the locals as did Kathy Nixxon. La Tigresse de Perse ( Persia ) had a great match and got plenty of heat from the Moorea people. Young kids even threw stuff at her to protest her cheating tactics.

Following the show was a fantastic feast, two whole lambs were slaughtered at dawn, then slowly cooked for 48 hrs over a bed of smoky hot coal and rocks. Sorry vegetarians, you don't know what your missing. Plenty of traditional raw fish and salad dishes too plus Taro Tahitian style. Apportez-moi, s’il vous plait - ‘ fa- fa -roo’ - j’ai faim.

Return to Moorea Sheraton, drinks, laughs, Aussie wrestling war stories. Getting ready for 7am check out from Moorea to Ferry back into Papeete, Tahiti ..........
Stay Tuned .........IWA Tahiti / Moorea Island continues with part 2 coming soon ! also see the photo’s, press clippings and results / reports from 2 more shows !

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