Interview - Gary "Jaws" Tiplady

Interview: Gary "Jaws" Tiplady, Wrestler and Actor - 8th July 2003

Media Man Australia, Greg Tingle, interviews one of the tallest and biggest athletes and entertainers of all time.

Gary Tiplady is based in the UK and is setting the wrestling and entertainment business on fire.


What's your background?

I was born (weighing 16 pounds at birth) bred and live in Newcastle upon Tyne England.

How did you break into wrestling, movies and entertainment?

Through being a giant and training as a boxer. The media noticed me and things moved on from there. I also have agents all over the UK, Europe and the USA, and can be put forward for a film part at a drop of a hat.

When did you know you were going to big?

At the age of 16 my growth increased on average an inch per month sometimes more. I have the same condition as Andre the Giant. My size is due to a condition called Acromegely which is now being treated by operations and various drugs (and injections) which I take on a daily basis.

The condition I have Acromegely is shared by an actor Richard Kiel who is the original Jaws off the James Bond Films. People used to say I looked a lot like Richard. I have therefore used this fact to my advantage and gone into the look-alike business. I have also been in a big French film called "LE BOULET" which is very popular all over Europe, Japan in fact world wide. I played the second lead roll. If you look on my web site you will see what other films etc I have been in.

What are you physical stats?

Please see attached CV.

What does a typical day involve?

Doing office work, speaking to agents and going to the gym. Cooking good quality food-trying various different dishes as I once a top class professional chef

What sports do you excel at?

Boxing and swimming mostly now, but I was once a good athlete before I stared growing. I represented my school for cross country-1500m and 800m running and played rugby for my school team.

What is the story for your teeth and mouth?

My teeth were made by the James Bond fan club and are solid platinum. I had gold teeth made in Paris for the French film "Le Boulet" that I stared in. They are very painful to wear in my mouth, but the original Jaws could only wear his for 5 minutes. I can wear mine for a good hour before having to take them out. They are an exact copy of the original teeth worn by Richard Keil for the Bond films he stared in. They are insured for quite a lot of money.

What wrestling promotion had been good for you, and in what way?

Whilst wrestling in Southampton I met the flatliner Chris Mann and we went on to make a programme for the BBC called the secret life of giants.

What are the highlights for you boxing and wrestling career.

I met Lennox Lewis and squared up to him. I made him look little in stature. My highlight for wrestling was when I was wrestling in Italy for the golden wrestling show and working with Jeff Kay.

What is your best match?

I have not got one-they are all the same and very enjoyable. If I had to name one - I was a hench man against Herman the German which was quite enjoyable.

What work have you done with "Jake the snake" Roberts?

I have been on the same bill as him whilst wrestling in Southampton which was filmed for the secret life of Giants. (a film about my life)

What is your worst injury suffered and afflicted to another?

I have not had an injury yet. I have given a few wrestlers an "Andre the Giant CHOP" for which they certainly knew they had met me in the ring.

Have you had any contact with Vince McMahon?

Not that I have been aware of.

What wrestlers did you watch growing up?

Giant Haystack. Big Daddy, The Royal Brothers. Cat weasel. Mick MacManus. Hulk Hogan. Pat Roach, Kendo Nagarsackee. Harold Sercarter (played ODD JOB IN BOND FILM).

What motivates you?

Meeting and working with children. It's great to see the smiles and looks of disbelief when they meet me.

What do you do to relax?

I make sculptures and cook. I also enjoy photography.

What are your current projects?

I am really busy at the moment auditioning for various film parts and commercials.

What else should our audience know about you?

I am a true gentle giant who is very happy with life at the moment. My ambition is to star in a James Bond Film as the son of " J A W S" who returns to wreck havoc upon James Bond.



Editors note: A gentle giant indeed. A top bloke by the sound of it. World - get ready for JAWS!

CV of Gary Tiplady

Personnel Details

Occupation- Actor/Look-alike

Height 7' 3"
Build Large.
Hair -Dark
Eyes Blue
Shoe Size 16
Chest 56"
Waist 40"


English and French.


Lard sculpturing and Clay sculpturing, Drawing, Painting, Reading, Keep Fit,
Weight Training. Boxing, Cycling and Socialising.


Driving, stunt work, Boxing, Fighting, Wrestling, Cooking ( fully qualified chef), Firearms trained, Motorcycle riding, Strong Man and Knife Skills. Singing, Lard Sculptures.

Television Appearances

GMTV, Documentaries, Ready Steady Cook, Eastenders, Love in the Afternoon (Channel 4) Robson's People (Kelly Baker star wars character), Des O'Connor (Stars and their doubles BBC1), Secret Life of Giants (BBC1). The Big Breakfast Road Show. QVC.

Film Work.

Second Lead with French Lines……….. "Le Boulet" French Warner Brothers Film produced…played "Le Meg"

Lines……………….Baby Juice Express- Spice Factory produced…played Burke (as in Burke and Hare)

No Lines…………The Tenth Kingdom- Pinewood film studios…played troll.

Lines………………..."The friendly friend" Grigsy films…played Mr Jelp.

Lines…………………Moll Flanders-Granada..played a convict in Jail.


Club Nokia….Musician poster for company Nokia

Outsize Clothes….Atlas Menswear.

Promoted Thunderball National Lottery Campaign…BBC1.

Disability Awareness Week…Glasgow…County Council promotion.

Health Eating Awareness Promotion…Newcastle Upon Tyne City Council Promotion.

Look-alike Work.

Corporate Dinners, Corporate team building events, Private Parties, Shop openings, Trade Fairs….Satisfied Customers include. Harrods, Hamleys. Disneyland Paris, Compaq computers, Corgi Toys, British Airways, Supply Desk, MacDonald's, Planet Hollywood, Land rover, Hard Rock Café, Nissan, Asda, British Telecom, Madame Tussauds, Enron Computers.