Interview - Bobby Riedel

Interview: Bobby Riedel, Entertainment and Wrestling Agent / Promoter:
13th November 2003

Greg Tingle, director of Media Man Australia, interviews a great American agent / promoter, in his quest to work with the greatest promoters in both Australia and the United States.

Media Man's excellent working relationship with Evan Ginzberg of Wrestling Then & Now, coupled with the wonderful technology we call the Internet, helped make this possible. Not being able to have Bobby in the Channel 31 studio won't stop history taking place. Perhaps it was a higher power and force at work here!

In any event, many have described this interview as one of the greatest of Greg Tingle's career, but then again, the interview can only be as good as the talent, and Bobby is clearly one of the best, and it is shown in his goodwill, humility and expertise.

This interview will also compliment articles of Media Man's, including The Great Yankee Promoters, that is currently being researched, and The Great Aussie Promoters.

This interview uncovers the world of pro wrestling and entertainment - the dark side, the light side, what makes a good promoter, coverage of the steroid trial and Bobby's befriending of Vince McMahon, promoting with The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase, the Rock N Roll Wrestling connection with Cyndi Lauper, current projects, and what the future may hold with potential shows in Australia, as his wrestling promotion battles its way towards #1 in many insiders eyes.

Site back an enjoy this historic 22 minutes of pure gold!

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Editors note: A man of wisdom, insight and a modern day visionary. With the power of the people, married with media and government support, backed up by God himself, there will be no limit to the goodwill this man and interview will achieve. Greg Tingle says, "lets make it happen"!


Bobby Riedel



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Bobby Riedel: Wrestling Background (credit: Million Dollar Man official website - newsletter)

*Worked as an Autograph Coordinator for John Arezzi Promotions (1992-1993).
*Was in attendance for the WWF Steroid Trial for three weeks.
*Hired by the WWF in March of 1995 (WrestleMania 11 PPV-Hartford, CT).
*Editor of the "Inside Ringside" Newsletter 1995-1999 (Worldwide Subscriptions).
*Pro Wrestling Agent (worked alongside WWF Talent as 3rd Party Booking Agent)1995-1999.
*Host and Guest Host for Wrestling Radio Shows (WHPC/WGBB).
*Personality (Heel Mngr., Commentator, Ring Announcer, Tour Host, and NWA Commissioner).
*Co-Promoter-Acted as co-promoter for specific wrestling events.(Booking, character development, storyline, promo spots, and angles).
*Public Relations Representative for Industry.
*Currently providing monthly Top 10 List in Bill Apters, "Total Wrestling Magazine" for Impact Wrestling Promotions on sale now on newsstands throughout the UK, Australia, Ireland and other points in Europe.
*Booking Agent for over fifty workers in the business (In 2002, returned to booking responsibilities on a much smaller scale).

-booked ALL hotels, airlines, and ground transportation.
-arranged payment plans, set fees, and appearance contracts.
-booked autograph sessions, grand store openings, parties, wrestling matches, and conventions.
-handled all Media requests (radio, TV, print, hotlines, newsletters, press conferences, etc)

-Heel Manager. Added to the character development of talent, and set the stage for show storylines. Became the "salad dressing" outside the ring.
-Ring Announcer- No explanation needed.
-Tour Host-Responsible to hype up crowd, make special announcements, keep show moving to given time.
-Color Commentator- Added valid, yet comical, commentary to matches in progress for TV distribution.
-NWA Commissioner- "Figurehead" character.

-Publisher and Editor of the "Inside Ringside" Newsletter, which has paid subscriptions and memberships from all over the world! Features: news, interviews, road stories, trivia, cover art, pictures, etc. Published once a month.

-Worked alongside many different promoters in setting up and promoting events. Many shows were charity based events raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation, Children's Miracle Network, Breast Cancer, The Weiss Foundation, Memorial shows and various diseases. Met with venue administration, school district superintendents, charity chairpersons, and athletic directors. Provided posters, tickets, talent for promotional purposes, free media exposure, and payment methods. Set up floor plan, fundraising efforts, and event management.

Public Relations Representative
-Gave speeches to elementary schools, youth groups, and wrestling academies about the principles of goal setting, health and fitness, wrestling industry rumors (fact and fiction), the history of the sport, the evolution of the sport, and the art of the business. Each speech was followed by a question and answer period, free autographs, and free merchandise giveaways.
-On call radio, TV, and hotline guest (required to answer questions, be the "final word" on wrestling rumors, and to be in character when needed).

*Co-Founder of "The Weiss Foundation" with Jonathan Taylor Thomas of "Home Improvement," "Man of the House," "Tom and Huck," the voice of "Simba" from "The Lion King," "Pinocchio," "Wild America," and "I'll be Home For Christmas." The charity was founded by the two in 1997, and was designed to raise money for families with children that suffer from cancer. (Bobby ran the East Coast and parts of Europe). The charity raised several thousand dollars.

*Award Show Seat Filler-
Hired to sit next to celebrities at Award Shows to make crowd look more full for TV (The Essence Awards-Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, The Artist (Prince), Will Smith, Celine Dion, etc.

*Cyndi Lauper Star Fund Coordinator
-Helped arrange, organize, and raise funds to purchase Cyndi Lauper's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Special video, CD, and calendar projects were also sold to raise funds. Check out the "Seasonal Cyndi" video with Bobby Riedel as the host!

*Concert and Promotions Director
-Arranged, organized, and headed up, concerts with Bob Carlisle and Rachel Lampa in New York. Handled contracts, all rider requirements, and event management.

*Singer and Entertainer
-Featured vocalist in "The Night The Angels Sang" and actor (18,000 sell out).
-Featured vocalist in "All Rise" and actor (12,000 sell out).
-Actor in "If I Die, Before I Wake (12,000 sell out).
-Sang back-up for live services featuring: Kim Clement, Tom Tenney, Dr. Mark Chirona, etc.
-Member of Choir-Benny Hinn and Billy Graham Ministries.
-Choir Back-Up for SOLD OUT "Young Messiah" Tour featuring :Carman, Bebe and Cece Winans, Sandi Patti, Larnelle Harris, Michael W. Smith, and more.
-Back-up vocalist for "Let Me Find You There" CD ("Strong and Mighty").

*Representation of Celebrities
-Acted as representation at autograph sessions, conventions, and wrestling events for: Adam West (Batman), Frank Gorshen (The Riddler), Dynomite (JJ Walker-Good Times), Erin Murphy (Tabitha-Bewitched), Dustin Diamond (Screech-Saved By The Bell), Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, Fred "the Elephant" Boy (Howard Stern), Barbara Feldon (Agent 99-Get Smart), Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster), Arnold Horseshack (Welcome Back Kotter)

Stage Manager
JANE MAGAZINE Webcast Special

Artist Relations With:
Patti Labelle
Cyndi Lauper
Cece Winans


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