Interview - Brett Clements

Interview: Brett Clements, Creator & Executive Producer, H'it'! TV:
19th September 2

In keeping with Media Man Australia's tradition of tackling any subject, we explore the world of Reality TV.

In this revealing and insightful interview, Brett discusses what's right and wrong with Reality TV, and why H'it'! TV will give the youth what they want, rather than the same old recycled garbage. Not only that, but just about everything about H'it! TV is digital. They actually have a paperless office, mind you, I haven't been to their Surry Hills studio yet to see it with my own eyes, but that may be a matter of time folks.

This interview has further reinforced the fact that Media Man Australia needs to start broadcasting video, sooner rather than later.

Brett Clements even say's Greg Tingle is not to "out there" for H'It! TV, which is a refreshing change from other so called "creative types". Brett well and truly thinks outside the square.

Enjoy our version of reality radio as Media Man Australia makes this broadcast available for worldwide consumption in our own original style, in full blown digital transmission!

Listen to the interview

Editors note: A hard edge, intelligent, yet entertaining, Real interview, available in full blown digital transmission! I'm afraid Media Man Australia can still teach Andrew Denton and Rove a few tricks. Greg Tingle say's, "don't bet against me", and other creative types, that some media outlets don't know how to handle. You heard it here first.


Brett Clements has released a new board game, "Shocked".

SmashPOP! real estate showcase solution coming soon.


Brett Clements

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Brett Clements: Bio (courtesy of Hit TV website)

Greg Tingle (interviewed by Evan Ginzburg) - more information on H'it'! TV

Brett Clements is an international, award-winning creative with a mass of credits across the entire entertainment and communication spectrums. His games and television creators have generated some $150 million US.

Credits include:

Reporter/Director Simon Townsend's Wonder World!, co-founder & creative director, A Couple 'A Cowboys, inventor, designer & director of The Video Board Game Nightmare & Atmosfear (Roadshow Entertainment) over 3 million units sold in 7 different languages), OZ QUIZ, BRIT QUIZ, DARE, Just For The Record (The Ten Network), the new Wonder World! (Nine), creative director & director of New Zealand's A Real Slice of Heaven, creator & director of The Aquanauts (Animal Planet), co-designer showcache online casting system.

About H'it'! (courtesy of Hit TV website)

H'it'! is a reality television series designed to unearth the next wave of media and entertainment makers by trashing the old showbiz adage "its not what you know, its who you know."

Not anymore. All you need is your 'imagination'.

The objective of the 16 x 1-hour series is to find 12 creative types, aged 18-30, and bring them all together for a 6-week crash course in show-business which culminates in them producing three new TV shows to sell to the world.

Ideally every State and Territory will be represented in the top 12.

While no prior experience in making TV is necessary, all applicants must adhere to the terms & conditions of entry which are deliberately designed to discourage those who aren't committed to careers in show-business. See Apply. The competition is scheduled to close on October 31, 2003.

The best entries received will be edited to preview tapes and circulated to judges throughout Australia and the world for 'comment'. See Judges. This ensures the widest possible exposure for local talent. The best entries will also be invited to attend 'open' interviews in capital cities in December.

From these interviews, 12 applicants will be selected for the series. Each will given a digital video camera and will return home to shoot their 'life story', interviewing family and friends etc, before returning to Sydney or Melbourne and moving in to share a production 'house' for six weeks.

During the series, the 12 'Interns' will be allowed to come and go and live like they would in the real world. Expenses will be covered. They will not be locked in and will not be evicted.

Guest celebrities and industry professionals will also drop in and give their insights into how to succeed in show-business.