Crocodile Huntress

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How does Crocodile Huntress describe herself?

I am a tall statuesque dark blond with green eye's, porcelain skin and a whole lot of attitude. My biceps would put most men to shame. Do, don't even think you would stand a chance between my big muscular thighs, and my firm breasts with nipples that you could dial a phone with.

Profession:: Lady Wrestler
Birth date: October 1975
Birthplace: Queensland, Australia
Lives now: Melbourne
Height: 6'1
Weight: 85kg
Bust 38'
Hips: 36'
Thighs: 28'
Biceps: 14'
Hair: dark blond
Eyes: dark green
Favorite Drink: Drambuie, Contreau
Favorite Food: Shell fish and chicken stroganoff
Favorite wrestling moves: Power bomb and what we call in Australia, a sunset flip
My ideal man: Has to be well-built, active and dark. Can cook and likes being naked at home. Then try and kick my ass, (but no man has yet been able to.)
My turn off: Men with long hair and overly tattooed wimps.
My happiest day: When I found out on the TV news that my arch rival...was arrested and paced in jail and he is still in there.
My most embarrassing moment one early morning before Christmas 2000, I was putting out my rubbish for collection with one bin in each hand, when suddenly a gust of wind came up and blew my sarong apart to reveal my naked body to a gentleman approaching me. He was very pleased with what he saw. "I explained to him that it was an early Christmas gift for him"
He replied with "same tie same place next week?" We both had a laugh then I shrunk back into my home very reed faced.
My hobbies: My most loved hobby is wrestling I love pain, especially from wrestling big strong men to inflict bodily harm, and mouthing off at my wrestling opponents. I also love playing with reptiles (crocodiles, lizards) and love dancing with fire, along with juggling, and I love seducing sexy men!


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