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April is a former WCW Nitro Girl. Some light nudity is par for the course with lovely April!

April Hunter
Height - 5'9". (5’11-6’0 in shoes)
Weight - 150
Born - Philadelphia, Pa
Current Hometown - Boston, MA
Professional Debut - WCW as one of the original N.W.O. girls. I was asked to go to the Power Plant, but plans fell through. So, when I later left WCW, I decided to get full training. I was referred to Killer Kowalski’s Pro Wrestling school in Boston.

T.V. Work:•Howard Stern E! Show, Playboy "Hot Rocks" , Playboy Channel "Foxy Boxers" East Coast Centerfold Search, Southern Shore Centerfold Videos ESPN fitness contest, WCW Monday Nitro, WCW Thunder
Fitness Competitions: Ms. Fitness, Ironwoman Tri-Fitness Magazines: Assertive Women, Flex, Gentlemen's Quarterly, MUSCLEMAG, WCW MAGAZINE, Ironman Magazine, Muscle Elegance
Note:April has a full interview and feature in the current (Sept 2000 issue of MuscleMag).
Group Affiliations:Member of the original n.W.o. babes, member of the Extreme Bikini Team
Proudest Accomplishment: Her website. April does all the content and stories, and keeps it updated as frequently as possible. It is one of the most viewed sites on the Internet!

I started out as a showgirl, then fitness model. I went on to WCW where I was one of the original n. W.o. girls. I was a valet for Scott Steiner (yes, I was a ‘Freak’), Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Bret Hart and the Harris Brothers. After that-and now still-I am getting full training at Kowalski’s and working the indies.

At the time of writing this, I’ve been in the wrestling business for about 2.5 years, but really, only 1 year. That’s all I’ve been doing Indies, which are the “minor league” independent shows. I’ve made lots of mistakes, but hopefully have grown up a bit and learned from them. I travel all over on most weekends and do shows, trying to gather experience in front of a live crowd and perfect what I do. It’s not uncommon for me to travel 6-8 hours to spend all of six minutes in the ring. I work managing my travel partner “Slyk” Wagner Brown, as a tag team (Team SWB & Big Red) and/or will do singles matches. I’ll tape the action, watch it back quite a few times, cringe and learn. Doing these shows also gives me a chance to meet fans from all over, too.

I mostly play a heel (bad guy)-and prefer to, but can also work as a face. My character is tough, cocky, arrogant, annoying, thinks she’s “all that”, knows everything, that everyone owes her something, and is under the delusion that she can kick anyone’s ass. Male or female.

I’m currently booked with “Slyk” Wagner Brown, who is the head trainer at Killer Kowalski’s Wrestling School. (www.slykwagnerbrown.com) We are a hot, interracial heel team people love to hate. With Slyk’s cockiness, but excellent high flying/technical wrestling style, fans more often seem to end up cheering him. The ladies love him and the guys want to BE him. Especially with “The Prize” April Hunter on his side. When I manage, I don’t just stand pretty at ringside. I’m very involved in the matches and usually have a lot to do with the outcome. Feel free to check out our video clips, and SWB has more on his own site in SWB TV. Slyk and I also offer full-length videos for sale. Often I’m booked to manage him and work with one of the feds ladies as well. If you’re interested, drop me an email. We are based out of Boston, MA.

This Diva has admits to always having had a fascination with S-E-X!

April was born in Philadelphia, but grew up on a military base in Alabama. Moving around frequently she got used to meeting lots of new people. Up until her senior year in high school, she lived with her father and step mother, then relocated back to Philadelphia to live with her mother. Certainly a change of pace!

After a brief stay in college, and a stint with the golden arches, she replied to an ad for "dancers" in the newspaper. Although, she was nervous going in, April was soon a big hit, making the rounds and becoming a feature act.

There were however, numerous games in the dancing biz. There were agent games, dirty clubs (literally and figuratively) and even being made to feel that she wasn't good enough. Sometimes, she was even given the impression her breasts weren't big enough!

April finally got out and found found her true calling, fitness modeling. Becoming a top name in the industry, this would lead to other opportunities.

Late last year Terry Taylor was looking for Playboy/fitness models to valet for WCW. 12 women were brought in and five (Tylene "Major Gunnz" Buck, Midajah 'O Hearn, Kim "Shakira" Kanner, Pamela Paulshock, and April) were hired. They all started on TV shortly after the last reformation of the n.W.o. and served as valets for the group. An interesting note here is that, upon hiring the girls, they were told they didn't have to do anything, they didn't want to. Take this into consideration when you realize, they released Kim Kanner because she didn't WANT to go to the Power Plant to learn how to wrestle. Of course this is WCW, were talking about so things fall apart quickly.


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