20th August 2002

Goldberg wants to meet with McMahon

Bill Goldberg has said he is ready to talk to World Wrestling Entertainment. According to his official web site, the former WCW star claims he is set to meet with Vince McMahon next month.

"Bill wants a six-figure deal at least," a close-friend told Essential Wrestling Newsletter. "If he [McMahon] really
wants Goldberg he will have to pay top dollar for his services."

Goldberg is currently en-route to Japan where he will provide color commentary for Pride's Shockwave event, Aug. 28 at Tokyo's Yoyogi Stadium.

May 2002

Goldberg remains a free agent, but has had discussions with a number of promoters across the globe since receiving nearly his pull payoff from AOL/Time Warner as a move pushed by AOL to clear the books. Goldberg and his agents have had discussions with Pride, New Japan, and even in the WWE as Jim Ross mentioned in his Ross Report. It's also conceivable that he would be involved in the NWA-TNA promotion on a part-time basis between his Japan tours, or quite possibly even sign with the XWF if they were to get major cable clearance. However the NWA/XWF options are considered a longshot due to his lack of passion for wrestling and the inability for those two promotions to give him the big one-time payoffs he would expect. Goldberg's interest lies in making a lot of money in a short period of time, not building a long career with any one group. A part-time WWE schedule with a major WrestleMania match as part of the deal or occasional big matches in Japan seem to be Goldberg's most likely direction at this point.

Goldberg releases book "I'm Next"

September 2001

Rumors that Goldberg is in serious negotiating with WWF over a Wrestlemania 18 return! Stay tuned! (It didn't happen folks)

September 2001

Former WCW champion Bill Goldberg recently visited what many have labeled as "ground zero", the place where the World Trade Center towers used to stand tall before being they were attacked by terrorists on September 11th. Goldberg who was joined by his girlfriend Lisa and Rick Steiner signed hundreds of items to police officers, fire fighters and rescue workers. The trio and former WCW Magazine editor Ross Forman also visited the family center where missing posters are still hanging in hope that someone sees their loved one. You can read a report of what went down at Goldberg's official site at

(Goldberg had some harsh words towards the WWF, despite the support they have shown)! * Goldberg has now retracted those words, and has praised the WWF.

August 2001

Goldberg will not be joining WWF for quite some time. His Turner contract expires in 2002.

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