WWE Official Profile: 2002

How many of us can say that we accomplished our lifelong dream? How many of us can say that we're doing exactly what we wanted to do when we were children? Edge can.

One of the brightest young stars in WWE, Edge sat on the floor for WrestleMania VI at SkyDome in Toronto, watching Hulk Hogan battle the Ultimate Warrior. Although he was only 16 at the time, Edge already knew that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of Hogan and Warrior; he wanted to be a World Wrestling Superstar. Twelve years later, more than 60,000 will watch Edge, as he competes at WrestleMania X8 at SkyDome in Toronto.

Edge already accomplished a career highlight at SkyDome -- in July 1999, he won the Intercontinental Championship there.

The Canadian Superstar has excelled in both singles and tag-team action. Along with his brother Christian, he won the World Wrestling Tag Team Championship seven times, a record for a duo. Edge & Christian were also part of some of the most memorable tag matches in history -- including the Ladder Match at WrestleMania 2000; the Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) Match at SummerSlam in 2000; TLC II at WrestleMania X-Seven; and TLC III on the May 24, 2001 episode of SmackDown!

But when Edge won the 2001 King of the Ring Tournament, his brother Christian seemed to grow increasingly jealous. He insisted, for example, on always carrying Edge's King of the Ring trophy. Then, on Sept. 3, 2001, Edge was a part of another unforgettable event in Toronto -- but this time, it was unforgettable in the sense that it was shocking. On a live episode of RAW from the Air Canada Centre, Christian assaulted Edge with a steel chair as the hometown fans held their breath in disbelief. Arguably the greatest tag team in history had abruptly come to an end.

Edge now looks to become one of the greatest singles competitors of all time. The early returns are favorable: he defeated Christian in an epic Ladder Match at No Mercy 2001 to become the Intercontinental Champion. In fact, he has already won the Intercontinental Championship on four occasions.


Edge is well on his way to super stardom in the WWF. The only thing holding him back appears to be the abundance of talent in the WWF. He consistently has great matches, however, there is only so much room at the top, as they say. I believe within a few years Edge may have a serious run for the WWF Championship.

When Edge first entered the WWF, he came to the ring ala WCW's Sting, in that he would come out of nowhere, and go through the fans to get to the ring.

Then after feuding with Christian and Gangrel, they united and formed The Brood. The Brood had a short merging with The Undertaker's Ministry, however they had a falling out, I understand because The Undertaker wanted to sacrifice some Brood members, which they would have no part of.

The Brood is no longer. Edge has been teaming with Christian, and they have been "tearing the house down" in matches against The Hardy Boyz. This probably won't last long, as I see Edge in line for a single's championship reign, and The Hardy Boyz feuding with one another.

Gangrel is currently a single's competitor, as his career is somewhat on hold at present, as his partner in life, Luna Vachon, has left the WWF again, this time not on good terms, as the story is Luna tied up a WWF female employee as part of a practical joke or something. As they say, fact can be stranger than fiction, especially in the WWF, where anything can happen!


August 2002

vs Eddie Guerrero (Summerslam 2002)

July 2002

Edge and Hulk Hogan win the WWE Tag Team Championship (4th July 2002)

Nov 2000

Edge and Christian are now one of the hottest heel tag teams in history. They are dam good, and they know it, and don't mind telling anyone that will listen. Their "flash photography" gimmick is a classic, and the angles with Kurt Angle (pun intended) are very cool.

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