Bruno Sammartino's Greatest Matches

11/17/73: Bruno Vs. Ivan Koloff (MSG) Bruno defeats Koloff before 22,090 with Gorilla Monsoon as special guest referee at 21:14

12/15/75: Bruno Vs. Ivan Koloff (MSG) Bruno retained his title by defeating Koloff in a 15 ft. high steel cage match in 11:46 before an sellout crowd of 26,350 plus 4,253 in the Felt Forum.

2/2/76: Bruno Vs. Superstar Billy Graham (MSG) A sellout crowd of 25,600 plus 3,100 watching on closed circuit in the Felt Forum saw Bruno defeat Superstar Billy Graham when referee Danny Bartfield stop the match at 17:55 because of several cuts inflicted on Graham by Sammartino.

3/29/76: Bruno/Parisi Vs. Graham/Koloff (MSG) Bruno teamed up with Tony Parisi and defeated Ivan Koloff and Superstar Graham before 21,004 fans at Madison Square Garden.

4/26/76: Bruno Vs. Stan Hansen (MSG) Stan Hansen defeated Bruno when the referee stopped the match after Sammartino suffered a cut above his eye and suffered a fractured vertebrae after receiving "The Lariat" before a stunned audience of 17,493.

6/25/76: Bruno Vs. Stan Hansen (Shea Stadium) After 10:19, the grudge match between Bruno & Hansen was settled when after being tossed out of the ring four times bloodied & bruised, the bad man from Borgia, Texas fled the ring with blood streaming from his face and with his manager The Grand Wizard right behind him. The crowd booed hansen after he left and Sammartino stood alone in the center of the ring with his title belt held high over his head.

12/20/76: Bruno Vs. Stan Stasiak (MSG) Bruno defeated the man he regained the WWWF title from, Stan "The Man" Stasiak before a sellout crowd of 22,090 at Madison Square Garden in a "Sicilian Stretcher Match". This was Bruno's 23rd successful title defense at the Garden since he regained the championship in 1973.

3/7/77: Bruno Vs. Ken Patera (MSG) In this, their third outing against each other Bruno emerged victorious in his match against the Olympian strongman Ken Patera. With Gorilla Monsoon as Special guest referee and before 26,492 fans with an additional 4,400 in the Felt Forum.

6/27/77: Bruno Vs. Superstar Billy Graham (MSG) In one of their last few rematches, 22,090 plus 4,000 fans in the Felt Forum paid to see Bruno try to regain his title from the newly crowned champion Superstar Billy Graham. Both wrestlers fought to a time limit draw.

Wrestling Fan additions

I just read the Bruno bio. I agree with most of the info except you do not include the match Bruno had with Pedro Morales. I know about this match because I was there! This had to be one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time! This match was also held at Shea stadium. This was a very difficult match for me to root for since Bruno was the man but being Puerto Rican I could not go against Pedro. I held my breath every time Bruno had Pedro in his "bear hug" hold , or when Pedro put the "abdomnial stretch"on Bruno. Each one broke out of the others hold but you never knew who would come out on top. Also the fights in the stands were also interesting. People came with Puerto Rican flags, others with Italian flags and others came with fists as nationalities clashed.
Bruno and Pedro's match ended in a 90 minute draw. A fair way to end a memorable match.
I wish there was a way for me to validate my claim , I do not have a program or ticket stub , but it was my mother who took me to the show. She was a big Bruno fan and also a Pedro fan. If I remember right this match took place in 1973. Before this match Bruno and Pedro were tag-team partners and had a failing out after their lost a tag-team match. I hope this info helps with the Bruno bio. I also hope you are able to research this info for the correct dates and matches. By the way I was 14 at the time of this match.
Wrestling Fan Jose Valentine


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