"Wildcat" Robbie Brookside

Having made a living for 20 years through professional wrestling, Robbie Brookside is still going strong in his native homeland of the UK.

Robbie Brookside is undoubtedly the most successful active wrestler in the UK. Having toured all over the world including America, Japan, Germany, Mexico and literally lots of other countries worldwide. He was a regular tag partner of the WWF's Steve/William Regal in the UK and he has competed in the New Japan Pro Wrestling's annual tournament, the Super J in 1997 where he picked up a victory over current WWF star Chris Jericho.

Robbie was born in Liverpool in 1966 and was thrust into the Merseyside social life with the choice of playing football, boxing, music or a funnyman just for the sake of social acceptance. Robbie's father was a football player and played 3 or 4 pro games for Preston NE and chose Robbie as the man to carry the family flag. At age 8 Robbie was playing football with people who were 12 years old and by age 9 he was playing in organised leagues for a team named Rockingham. Life at home was good because his father was proud of Robbie's ability and took him to an Everton football match in 1971/2 where Everton defeated Huddersfield 3-2.

Robbie's father was working for the post office and as he was the man who bought home the majority of earnings he had control over the TV and with the family coming from a working class background they were not fortunate enough to have a second TV.

Robbie Brookside caught a glimpse of wrestling and was eager to continue watching, however his father hated wrestling and wouldn't let Robbie watch it when at home. Back then the toilet was outisde the house so when his father went out to it, Robbie would watch the wrestling hearing Kent Walton commentating on a sport he would later learn to love.

A relative of Robbie's bought round a flyer from Liverpool Stadium for an 8 man knockout wrestling tournament. Robbie decided to go and travelled that Friday night to the stadium and was excited at the arena atmosphere and continued to go there. However at this point Robbie had no interest in being a wrestler himself.

He came across Johnny Palance who became one of Robbie's favourites and as it happens, he wrestled him later on in his career. Robbie's father said that Robbie was wasting his time going to wrestling and to Robbie, wrestling was like a new world which he wanted to explore.

He was warned 3 times by his football club about his neglection to it. One time Robbie bought some friends to wrestling which prompted one of them to tell a wrestler that Robbie thought it was all fake Because of this Robbie was invited to a gym in Kirby and Robbie turned up at 2pm straight from football complete in his football kit.

At this point Robbie was 14 and was severely stretched and torn by a wrestler for what was actually 3 minutes but to Robbie, seemed like hours. After his ordeal, Robbie thanked them with respect and the next day he woke up unable to eat and was aching but still went to train at the gym and got to know the wrestlers and was taught the ropes.

Robbie was having a great time with those around him considered heroes to him and even went on a trip to Spain for four weeks to wrestle in bullrings which Robbie soon learnt he wasn't ready for.

Back in England, nothing was happening. Robbie found Bobby Barren who invited him to wrestle at the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool to have a look at him. That's what he did as he was faced with either earning money to take home or to move out, Robbie chose to move out. Blackpool had lots of people trying to make it into wrestling. It was a strange position to be in. As most people probably know, in Blackpool there was wrestlers challenging the public to wrestle with them and if they survived 3 rounds they would win £50. Robbie did exactly this and noticed that it wasn't a good experience to have around 500 people around you wanting to attack you.

Brian Dixon then returned and Robbie got some jobs on the holiday camps with established wrestlers. Robbie will never forget what Bobby Barron did for him and he is very grateful, as is Steve Regal. Robbie was the only young person on the shows and was made to work hard for it. He can't stand that the youngsters come into this business and have no respect for it. Lots of people have come into the business and said this was for them and they couldn't take the suffering they had to go through.

Robbie had the passion for it, and kept coming back. It was hell. He believes that everyone involved in wrestling should love it and prove it, not just say it. Robbie was looking up to Mark Rocco who helped him It seemed as if everything Robbie did was under the microscope. The locker rooms are a place where Robbie won't take anyone not on the bill as he doesn't believe in other people being there.

Jackie Robinson was another great person to Robbie who helped him as well. Championships didn't really matter to Robbie but he won his first real title when Mark Rocco retired and Robbie won the World Middleweight title in a big tournament which proved a very emotional night as he looked up to Mark Rocco.

Robbie Brookside then teamed with Doc Dean as The Liverpool Lads and won various titles but titles still don't really bother Robbie Brookside at all despite winning to many titles in his career. Robbie wants people to know that when he is in town they will get value for money and he doesn't copy American people at all.
Robbie has traveled all over the world.

Brian Dixon took him over to Dubai, and Brian didn't realise that the show quality was more important than money. Robbie believed in him and Brian thought he had a bad attitude for saying this despite how hard Robbie had worked for him. Brian always called him by his surname, but when he wanted something he'd use his first name. Robbie has a certain conflict with how Brian runs the business.

There had been a lot of stories about what Brian did such as the MPW tour which Brian didn't send Robbie to. A classic statement by him was "let me tell you now, you won't ever get to NJPW, I know them and you don't, they aren't taking any foreigners". Two or three years later Robbie was there despite what Brian Dixon had said. Brian always seemd to make Robbie welcome but sadly Brian only cared for himself.

In 1996 Robbie got the chance to go to CWA thanks to Dave "Fit" Finley. Finley became possibly Robbie's best friend in wrestling as he taught him the dark side of wrestling. Robbie says if he could do the CWA tour for the rest of the life, he would and not be bothered by other companies. Tony St Claire, Robbie feels was one of the best wrestlers ever produced and possibly the best babyface ever.

Robbie still wrestles to the day and remains one of the top British wrestlers and always puts on a great show where ever he goes.

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