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This section of the Australian Pro Wrestling Directory is now a tribute to what once was the AWE!

The AWE had some tremendous wrestling talent, but like so many wrestling promotions in Australia, they also went belly up!

Promoters note: Greg Tingle, creator of the Australian Pro Wrestling Directory / Australian Sports and Entertainment formed his own media and public relations company in March 2003, Media Man Australia

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Watch Channel 31's "Around The World with Joy" ("Healthy Living" and "Sydney Sports Icons"), presented by Greg Tingle, on Sunday mornings at 11am, answer the questions correctly, and win 2 free tickets to an upcoming AWE show.

AWE - Australian Wrestling Entertainment: A new promotion featuring the best in Australian sports entertainment.

Results from debut show: Sat 24th August - Fairfield-Cabramatta PCYC

TJ Haze pinned Troy The Boy
Taylor Baines pinned Scarecrow
Striker & Maverick won the AWE Tag Titles in a four corners tag elimination match.
Amy Action pinned Kisara to win the AWE Women's title
John Tolios & Rokabilly Rebel beat Sgt Rambo & Lou The Butcher
Dean Draven pinned Greg Stekker to win the AWE title
Amy Action won the Lord Of The Ring Battle Royal

Talent includes:

Amy Action click here for more info

Dean Draven click here for more info

Greg Stekker

Rockabilly Rebel

Troy The Boy

Kid Volante

Kasey Jackson

Ace Megastar

Greg Tingle can't stay out of the action! Last month Greg was attacked by Amy Action and Storm. On the 6th August at CTV1 Sydney studios, Greg got in a verbal and physical confrontation with the IWA's Vaughn Buckland! What will happen next?

Perhaps there may be a challenge from another Australian wrestling promotion. Could a "hostile takeover" be on the cards, much like occurred to WCW by the NWO if that infamous chapter in processional wrestling history. Speculation that this is leading to a cross promotional feud, or is it just personal? Ego vs Ego?! Mr Tingle's business credentials

Click here for Mr Tingle's photo profile! Stay tuned to the Australian Sports and Entertainment Portal for updates.

AWE Details for upcoming shows:

Sat 24th August - Fairfield-Cabramatta PCYC - Belltime 8pm
Sun 1st September - Campbelltown PCYC - Belltime 3pm
Sat 21st September - Fairfield-Cabramatta PCYC - Belltime 8pm
Sun 22nd September - Bexley RSL - Belltime 3pm
Sun 29th September - St Mary's League's Club. Belltime TBA.

Future shows:

13 Sept - Cambelltown PCYC

Official AWE website

Amy Action Official website

Dean Draven Official website

Community TV Channel 31 official website

CTV1 Community TV Sydney official website

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