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February 2003

Greg Tingle (Media Man Australia) has all of his interviews available at Media Man Australia - February 2003

29th September 2002

Wrestling with promotions down under: Greg Tingle breaks the REAL story on the latest Aussie Wrestling Scandal

10th August 2002

Greg Tingle, Sports Journalist, has been offered a spot on the new Australian Wrestling Entertainment promotion. Greg has been on 2UE recently, defending Sports Entertainment, against the likes of John Laws! No one can out talk Greg Tingle. Watch out for interesting situations with Amy Action, Vaughn Buckland and IWA! Check out our Amy Action profile and the AWE profile.

Hulk Hogan supported by Wrestling Fans despite off WWE TV and no show in Australia (14th August 2002)

June 2002


Just when TV presenter Greg Tingle thought it was safe to get back into the presenters seat, Amy has struck again. This time assisted by fellow female wrestler Thunderstorm. Thunderstorm (on the set of "Around the World with Joy") viciously let fly with one of her thunderous chops that sent Mr Tingle reeling Amy then proceeded to lift Greg off the ground and bring him down with a cracking backbreaker much to Amy and Thunderstorm's amusement. The production crew of Mr Tingle's latest venture "Entertainment Sydney" (also on channel 31) were so impressed with the hammering that they picked up on the story and the video footage of the incident. Much to Mr. Tingles dismay channel 31 have decided to use the footage as a part of the Entertainment Sydney promo. So amongst the Hollywood stars like Jodie Foster & Australian modeling icon Elle MacPherson channel 31 viewers can now regularly help relive the moment Thunderstorm & Amy decided to give Mr Tingle a lesson in Women's Professional Wrestling. Credit Amy Action official website

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