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Crocodile Huntress

Some dam good she gets her own tribute on the Australian Pro Wrestling Directory. She has it all!

Amy Action

In my humble opinion, the best women wrestler Australia has ever seen! Yes, I am bias, but if you see here matches and compare to other Australian women's wrestlers, Amy is miles in front. Amy is also a champion with the mic and getting heat with the fans, that love to hate her.

Amy has enjoyed most success in Titan, and also wrestler in the IWA in 1998, where she managed Greg Stekker.

Amy has appeared a few times in mainstream media, featured in "Women with unusual careers" pictorial in the 'Woman's Weekly mag' a few years ago. Amy Action also wrestled several bouts under a mask and baggy clothes as a "man" using the ring name of Combat Carl (possibly for ACW and/or AWA/Titan).

Will be wrestling for Australian Wrestling Entertainment from August 2002. Click here for full profile

Paulette dir Gire

Wrestler, Kick Boxer, Black belt in Judo and Karate, Author of six books, and has also owned several businesses: two lady’s and gentlemen’s fashion boutiques, two restaurants, eight nightclubs and many times acted as own bouncer, and much more. At the age of fourteen won the Hungarian and the German wrestling championship titles from the "Gypsy Queen" in Pecs, Hungary. The following year won the French championship wrestling title in Paris against the Angry Bear, and six months later won the world title at the World Exposition in Brussels, Belgium against the Black Amazon. Four months later, full of optimism arrived in Australia with husband and two boys and was hoping to continue wrestling career. Soon sadly discovered that female wrestling in this country was prohibited. I spent three years campaigning and lobbying against the establishment to have female wrestling recognized and accepted as a legitimate and legal sport. After being banned on numerous occasions for wrestling at public venues such as sporting arenas like the Olympic Park, and scores of appearances on television and radio talk shows, legislation was finally changed legitimizing the sport. Not long after, was crowned the Australian Wrestling Champion. Eighteen times traveled around the world under George Gardiner, The Great King Kong, Steve Rickards and many other wrestling Promoter's. Has fought with many female and male wrestlers and boxers, but has never lost a match in twenty-five year.


Since coming into the IWA as the manager/ valet of "Iron" Mehdi Basiri, Persia has waged a one vixen war against all of the federations other women. Mysterious as she is dangerous, this exotic beauty will be a major force to be reckoned with in the IWA's upcoming woman's division. Not adverse to interfering in her mans matches, the tiny Persia is more than willing to take heavy bumps from her male, as well female, adversaries.

Raewyn McCouliffe ( NZ )

New Zealand's finest female wrestler, Rae was coached by NZ promoter Frank Shanley and toured Japan during the early - mid 90's. Also was the star attraction of Frank Shanely's NZ tour around the same time which featured AJ Freely and Aussies Mark Mercedes & Greg Stekker. Raewyn McCouliffe was main eventing with a Mexican woman wrestler Esther

Ria Riot

Worked during the early mid 90's for ACW Sydney, described as a horrid wrestler and not much of a good sort. She only had a handful of matches in the early 90's. Trained by Andy Harpas, she did matches with Ami Action. Appeared on Andy Harpas' shows in the early 90's.

Sherri Sinatra

Must have been working in the local industry for around 30 years now and still going still going. Sherri was featured in the book titled '100 years of pro wrestling in Australia' published in 1998. Sherri Sinatra was great in her day, but a little past her peak now, I was told she still performs for ACW Melb.

Holly H Bomb Brisley

Magnificent blonde, actor / TV personality / model and co host of TVSN 'Under the Hammer' program. H-bomb appeared on both IWA shows at the UNSW this year. At the Riot 2 show she decked and pinned manager Percy Sludge during intermission shenanigans. Her profile lends more weight to the IWA's strong media support with H-Bomb's contribution to IWA promo's on TV show 'Under the Hammer'.


Best known as AJ Freely's manager and valet. Danni first appeared at the IWA's Newcastle tournament where she pushed Stephen Swann off the top rope and set it up for AJ to best the Swann & win the IWA belt in the final round. Has appeared on Channel (V) 'The Joint' with Jabba earlier this year. Fell out with Freely after he lost the IWA belt. A petite and sporty brunette with an athletic build. Eye-catching good looks.


Beautiful blonde, tall and leggy, elegant looking IWA manager / valet. Eve first appeared at the IWA's Newcastle tournament where she escorted ZZ Hook to ringside. Eve managed Hook for many months and after they split she managed Billy Cole. Appeared at most of IWA's venues during 99 - 2000

Kathryn Nixxon

Amateur Wrestling Champion for her weight division in this years Nationals (Olympic Freestyle / Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships) Nixxon joined the IWA school three years ago at the age of 15, she is nearly 18 years old now and will be making her IWA debut in the months ahead. Nixxon was held back from competing professionally in NSW due to laws that state she must be 18 years of age to perform in premises licensed under the liquor act. However, she has wrestled on 2 Canberra shows in the ACT. Kathryn Nixxon wrestled men both times and also competed in pro wrestling's most dangerous match, the over the top battle royal. Recent pictorial on the front page of the IWA web site with Kathryn's story. A sure name to watch in the future of local woman's wrestling. She should rate higher next year.

Priscilla Sludge

"Plucked from obscurity as the lucky girl to win a date with Frank The Tank at St Mary's Leagues Club earlier this year, Priscilla Sludge (Percy's third cousin twice removed (once by the Health Department) has bewitched The Love Machine, which just goes to show that there's someone for everyone out there. Although the victim of frequent vicious attacks from Persia, this nerdy disco chick has shown that she is not without underhanded tactics of her own, when she sprayed perfume in Little Lisa's eyes at Batemans Bay in a (failed) attempt to eliminate her from the Miss UNSW IWA Beauty Pageant. Despite an "unusually close" (and some say unhealthy) relationship with her cousin Percy, a marriage proposal is on the cards as she and Mr 7.30 Frank The Tank grow ever closer over candlelit dinners at McDonald's and Pizza Hut."


Little Lisa came into the picture after Eve dumped ZZ Hook for Billy Cole. First appeared after a bout at the Central Coast when she ran in to 'pash' a distraught Hook who had lost his match and Billy Cole had won the heart of Eve. Lisa took over as ZZ Hook's manager / valet and has appeared on most of the IWA shows during 99-200, she had perfume sprayed eyes by Priscilla Sludge at Batemans Bay in a (failed) attempt to eliminate her from the Miss UNSW IWA Beauty Pageant. Cute, petite blonde bombshell with vogue outfits and trendy good looks.

Miss Hap Lea Riley

Peachy and cute TV personality / model and sensational co host of TVSN 'Under the Hammer' program. Elegant, fair, stylish and well chosen. Miss Hap Lea Riley appeared on both IWA shows at the UNSW this year. At the Riot 2 show she also decked and pinned manager Percy Sludge during intermission shenanigans. Her media profile lends more support with her contribution to promo's on TV show 'Under the Hammer'.

Mimi McPherson

Scoop is that 'Womans Day' magazine published a photo, in the gossip column , of AJ Freely together with Mimi Mcpherson.The couple were pictured together at the after party of the 'Man on the Moon' film premier. On wed 17 April IWA played a private function at Paddington for the after party of 'Man on the Moon' (film about Andy Kaufman..Starring Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross). Mimi, the little sister of supermodel Elle, is seen hugging AJ and touching his chest. Put it this way - It's a pretty sus photo, they look close. Did New Zealand's finest make the 'hook up' with Australia's most gorgeous ?. As part of the evenings entertainment a 'non title' match between AJ & Mercedes was contested. Mercedes got the pinfall, but not the IWA title belt. Mimi McPhereson was an invited guest and she only gave AJ a consolatory hug. AJ Freely was visibly shaken after the loss, he was upset and she consoled him. Nothing more. I don't understand how some people are so stupid that they just believe everything they are told. Nobody has any proof about any 'sexual intercourse' between AJ & Mimi. She caressed him because she felt sorry for him, he was feeling like a loser and she is a kind person. During 'the hug' some photographer snapped a picture. Next thing we knew the photo appears in 'Woman's Day' magazine's gossip section. People just love to make up silly stories about famous and notable people doing all kinds of suspect things.

Nikki G

Busty beauty, a former miss nude NSW who was a star of Extraordinary Entertainment's Championship Jelly Wrestling show. She appeared on the IWA's private function at Paddington for the after party of 'Man on the Moon' ( film about comic Andy Kaufman..Starring Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross ). She also managed Skyhawk at the IWA Riot in the unsw Roundhouse 2. A crowd picked favorite to win the IWA 'Miss University Beauty Pageant' but was she disthrobed by Andrew Bumthorne. Resulting in the IWA's first ever topless scene.

Nurse Heidi

Managed / nursed Gregory Von Stekker at an IWA Bankstown show. Also featured prominently at the 1998 IWA Awards pictorial. Made the cover of IWA magazine Oct 1998 posing with big Phil Picasso at Bronte Beach.

Lisa Lane

Worked during the early mid 90's for ACW Sydney, verdict a detestable wrestler who wont get by on her looks and gimmick alone. She only had a handfull of matches in the early 90's. Trained by Andy Harpas, she worked with Ami Action. Appeared on Andy Harpas' shows in the early - mid 90's.

Poison Ivy

Another of the Andy Harpas trained women who wrestle infrequently at ACW and was described as horrible. Seems happy enough to remain at lower level of competition. Small brunette, perhaps too timeworn to be called athletic but she is slim and pale. Wrestles Storm for ACW's current woman's division and sometimes serves as valet / manager.


Wrestled in early mid 90's for ACW , rated a frightful wrestler who was trained by Andy Harpas, she has worked with Ami Action, Indian Queen and Lisa Lane. Emanated from Andy Harpas' shows in the early - mid 90's.

Tanya Buxton ( NZ )

Wrestled in NZ during the industry lows of the late 80's and early 90's. Usually on the losing end of matches with Raewyn M, big girl, average wrestler with little to no charisma. Reports say good disposition, stocky, purposeful and hardworking


Andy Harpas trained lady. In circu 98 Wrestled Poison Ivy for the ACW's current womens division. A much improoved competitor.

Yumi Stynes

Reporter for channel V who jumped into the IWA's 10 man elimination battle royal, alongside Jabba in July this year. Well received by Phil Picasso, who used fed off the chaos & confusion caused by the reporters in the ring, and became IWA champion live on TV. A good looking, smart woman who gave Tyrone Townsend a 'nut shot' as he was held by channel V crew during a comedy skit in the wrestling ring as the 'Joint ' credits rolled. Some liked her and wanted to see more of her in the IWA. Others said they resented her silly comments and reckon she should stick to the 5am time slot and just do intros for the 're runs of Jabba's Homebake 96 interviews' on channel V

Donna Marie

Update: She is in jail, for the murder of her late husband! Hefty, thickly set gal who wrestles for ACW Melb. She was the only woman featured in Wrestle Riot magazine last year. A big beefy woman and they say she works a good match. Looks like a big cranky mother.

Midnight Dancers

Ron Millers Shows at Souths - intermission act. The midnight dancers, these lovely ladies performed a choreographed dance in the ring which was very often the fastest and most exciting element to the show. Too bad the matches at Souths were not as professional, fast and smooth as the dancers were.


Young rookie girl who made a few people look when she debut in Sydney for ACW
last year, allegedly based in Melbourne. Backyard trained but could improve with age and more experience.

Andi Black

Co-Promoter of the FWA in Melbourne, 1992 -94. Managed Con 'Mr. Damage' Iakovidis & Skyhawk during that time. Was a feature story for ATN 7 Real Life program with Stan Grant. Disappeared from Wrestling after the demise of regular FWA live shows.


Afro - American singer and star of late night TV commercials. This delightful raunchy woman appeared only once at a Doyalson - Wyee RSL, she managed Vulcan ( Fijian Warrior ) and co-commentated with Ty Townsend, slapping Tyrone in the face during a heated argument. Townsend told us her finger nails were 10cm long and razor sharp.

Princess Yolana

Eatern European lady, short mouse brown hair, ok physique. Trained by the one and only Andy Harpas at his school of Womens Wrestling. Managed the animal and Skyhawk in the early 90's and wrestled a mixed tag or two. Showed some promise but not seen in many years now.

Gloria ( NZ )

Best days behind her during this rated period but still wrestled , worked with Tracey Hurlman and crew on the shows run by She appeared on Frank Shanley's shows in Auckland.

Tracey Hurlman ( NZ )

Martin Sterling trained her, Wellington based, short powerful gal. poor - average work rate during these years, she worked with some of Frank Shanley's NZ women of the time. Appearing mostly on Martin Sterling's shows in the early 90's

The Bomb

Staunch woman, average to decent work in the ring. She was considered to be a fairly decent worker during the late 80's - early 90's for WWW, ACW and on Steve Rackman's shows. Has not been wrestling since then.

Patti Ryan

Recognized for her club performances of the early 90's. Wrestled for local shows in the early 80's. Average to decent work in the ring. Long blonde hair with decent build. Lost interest and became discouraged at the promotions / shows of her time.

Princess Tara (NZ)

Old school , big powerful Mauori wrestler, average to good worker. Fair - good matches in the early 90's. Worked with Martin Sterling's shows in the early 90's. Tara worked on most of Shanley's Wellington based shows in the late 80's & early 90's.

Cook Island Princess

The Cook Island Princes' dancing niece who performed a traditional, ceremonial Cook Island cultural dance before her uncle bouts for ACW, WWW and Mega Pro Wrestling in the 90's. The Princess was a great addition to her Uncle's gimmick she was only about 15 years old, wore a grass skirt, flowers around her neck and a bikini plus had her own theme music. Sadly, I hear she is no longer performing

Black Widow

An Adelaide woman wrestler who worked in 1987. Older wrestler in this rated period, Worked with Lady Sheena on the shows run in Country South Australia.Fair to average worker with over used, Unoriginal name.

Lady Sheena

Older woman who worked with Black Widow on shows run in Country South Australia. Another Adelaide wrestler who wrestled in the late 80's. Not known for great work, good physique or her beauty.

Indian Queen

The most abhorrent women in the ACW, large size, in fact, beastly Indian woman. Not to be confused with a Native American woman. Not really a serious contender but was a favorite of some ACW viewers. Now retired but in years past she has worked with most ACW women. In her later years she didn't really move very fast or do very much during her matches


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