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If you are lucky enough to see this action / adventure unit perform live you’ll get 2 hours of non stop, fun- filled, sexy sports entertainment. You’ll also get hilarious interviews with comedian compiers, jelly wrestling ladies & their managers. These ‘Jelly wrestling’ events truly must be seen to be believed.

A 10ft round pool is filled with fluro green coloured jelly to provide a squishy, slippery and wobbly combat zone. The rules of this event are simple - Two women enter the jelly pool for a wrestling match. The bell sounds, then they wrestle, they slug it out and finally a winner is declared either by pinfall, countout, disrobing or submission. Yes, Indeed you’ll see some good old fashioned catfighting when some beautiful women battle in the green jelly pool, and who knows, they may end up tearing each others clothes off. One thing for sure, by the end of it they will all be covered in green funky jelly.

It’s a 2 hour show with some big bouncing boobs and some ‘Benny Hill’ type humor. The bell sounds, the battle begins and one woman will emerge from the pool as the winner. All these women are dedicated professionals, it’s an over 18’s show complete with glamour gals, big mama’s, busty blondes, flaming red heads and even that little 18 year old high school senior, all fighting fit females, all of them ready to have a go.

As a bonus for ‘Championship Jelly wrestling’ fans when the show comes to your local area they bring a cool merchandise range, featuring some of the best looking women in Australia. They also have other products such as videos, stickers and a monthly magazine ! Yes ! you may even meet the girls and get your picture taken with them after the show.

This season is gearing up to be one of Championship Jelly wrestling’s hotter ones thanks to Extraordinary Entertainment. Find out for yourself why people are saying “Championship Jelly Wrestling” is the best show they have ever seen ”. This event is a platform of showcased commitment, ability and most of the better known human emotions, a theater of the bizarre yet also a mirror held up to contemporary society. Want to experience it ? Everyone over 18 years old is welcome, you’ll go in curious and come out a fan, guarantee it !

‘Flip the bird’ to political correctness and don't miss this one !!!!

As fans in this country will know, Jelly wrestling was a fad from the 80’s that in recent times had ceased to exist. However, now returning with the retro trend, is the savior of live jelly wrestling in Australia, The “Championship Jelly Wrestling” show will continue to cover new ground. This summer the roster includes:

-Nikki G. Currently she holds the title of “Miss Nude NSW” and in addition was recently voted as having Australia’s ‘best buns’ by readers of a leading men’s magazine. She’s a Centerfold girl who’s graced the pages of People, Picture, Premium, and countless other magazines. Nicknamed ‘China doll ’ she’s a full-on glamour gal with the most perfect body in Australia, maybe even the world....

- Monique. Blonde Aussie Glamour Monique gained her initial training, along with Nikki G, at the “Championship Jelly Wrestling” School in Sydney recently. Monique, who trained under both Nikki G and Donna Sunday, was an immediate standout and made such an impression that she was recommended immediately to battle her rival Nikki G at “Championship Jelly Wrestling”, Professional jealousy ? Bitchyness ? YES Monique is one big busty blonde who is ready to rumble.

-Sexy Lexy. Trained alongside ‘Samantha the Panther’ at the “Championship Jelly Wrestling” school in Sydney. Following her initial training she entered the ranks of competition. Long black hair, exquisite breasts, and a face from the pages of Vogue magazine. This naughty little babe is in her first year of competition at “Championship Jelly Wrestling” She is only 18 years old.

-Samantha the Pantha . Championship Jelly Wrestling’s. Samantha the Pantha has become one of this country's hottest names. She’s a cute little honey blonde who looks like Baby Spice . She is only 18 years old and she has an incredible physique. The Pantha participated in some of the hottest matches on these shores in years. A full time Championship Jelly Wrestling exclusive who is booked to on the Central Coast.

Media Man Australia, Greg Tingle, interviews Championship Jelly Wrestling promoter, Vaughan Buckland

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