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28th August 2002

AUSTIN FILES FOR DIVORCE reports that Steve Austin has filed for divorce from his wife Debra on July 22nd. Steve and Debra were married in September of 2000 in Las Vegas, with only Jim Ross and his wife attending from the then WWF. It was Steve's third marriage and Debra's second. On June 15th of this year, law enforcement officers were called into their house after Debra called 911 saying her husband hit her. Austin left the house before police arrived. Earlier this month, an arrest warrant was issued by the district attorney office and Austin turned himself in, posting his $5,000 bond and now awaiting future legal hearings. Both the Rattlesnake and Debra were taken off the WWE active roster for walking out for the second time before an episode of RAW in June.


14th August 2002


Steve Austin has been arrested for spousal abuse.

The grappler and his wife Debra had a heated argument on June 15th, during which Austin allegedly assaulted her.

A Judge signed off an arrest warrant Monday after reviewing a police incident report and a complaint filed by Debra - also a
former wrestling personality.

The former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar, whose real name is Steve Williams, was officially charged with an assault that caused bodily injury. Williams, 37, was booked and fingerprinted shortly before posting a $5,000 bond.

According to The San Antonio Express Williams said that "Nothing happened" as he left the courthouse with two lawyers.

"I rather not comment right now," he added.

The case has been assigned to Judge Bill White's County Court-at-Law 7, but an appearance date for the wrestler has not been set.

In June, Williams was taken of WWE's active roster after he failed to show up as scheduled at two events.


14th August 2002


Pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin surrendered to authorities today after an arrest warrant was issued based on a domestic violence complaint filed by his wife earlier this year.

According to court documents, a judge signed off on the arrest warrant Monday after reviewing a police incident report and a complaint filed by Williams' wife, Debra — also a former wrestling personality.

The former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar, whose real name is Steve Williams, was accompanied by his lawyers to a small booking room located in the basement of the Bexar County Courthouse this afternoon.

There, he was officially charged with an assault that caused bodily injury. Williams, 37, was booked and fingerprinted shortly before posting a $5,000 bond.

About a dozen courthouse employees were seen standing around in the hallway in hopes of catching a glimpse of the 6-foot-2, 260-pound wrestling star who makes his home in the San Antonio area.

“Nothing happened,” Williams said as he left the room and headed toward the courthouse's exit with two lawyers. “I rather not comment right now.”

Debra Williams could not be reached for comments.

A police report indicates that Debra called police around 4 a.m. June 15. The officer who responded to the Williams' Dominion estate found the wife at the front of the house crying. The officer noted seeing “a large noticeable welt” on the right side of her face — just below her eye.

The wrestler left the house before police arrived but later spoke to the responding officer by phone. Williams declined to return to the house despite the officer’s urging.

The Police Department forwarded the case to the Bexar County district attorney's officer, which pursued the case and presented it to the judge this week.

The case has been assigned to Judge Bill White’s County Court-at-Law 7, but an appearance date for the wrestler has not been set.

In June, in Austin's world of professional wrestling, officials at World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., headquartered in Stamford, Conn., charged that their featured TV attraction had failed to show up as scheduled at two events and “is no longer an active member of WWE's talent roster.”

Debra Williams, who became a wrestling personality in 1997, married Austin last year in Las Vegas. The wrestler, who is on his third marriage, became one of the biggest stars in pro wrestling history when his “Stone Cold” character took off in 1997.


19th June 2002


Steve Austin is in no legal trouble at this point unless his wife presses charges, which at this point she hasn't done. KMOL-TV in San Antonio did use a helicopter to follow Austin around yesterday in his Corvette and he had an open beer container and flipped the reporters off when he realized what they were doing. They also filmed him talking to a neighbor outside of his house. Austin is getting far more pub for the Debra incident around North America than for leaving WWE. Howard Stern wanted to get Austin on the phone, but didn't happen. He did do a skit where he imitated Austin doing a wrestling promo and played sound effects of a beating. TV show Xtra has a feature on it tonight. It ran on all the major wire services and in the cities where the newspapers sometimes give wrestling cursory coverage, they did a brief story on it.


18th June 2002


The same source that broke the initial Austin/Debra assault story is now reporting that a helicopter with a cameraman inside followed "Stone Cold" Steve Austin today.

Apparently the camera has footage of Steve Austin talking to someone in a nearby truck, while standing beside a yellow sports car.

This footage has already aired on the ABC news affiliate in Houston, Texas, and is reportedly going to air on some news affiliates in San Antonio, possibly the same station that first reported the Debra/Austin assault story last night, which is KMOL - the NBC affiliate in San Antonio.

The ProWrestlingTorch has confirmed this story, adding that KMOL-TV followed Austin's movements around all day with their news helicopter. According to The Torch, Austin left his home only once on Monday to meet with a family member. Helicopter footage shows Austin wearing workout clothes and driving with an open beer container in his hand. At one point, Austin noticed the camera and gave it the middle finger. Austin and Debra continue to refuse comment about the events of the past week.


Shocking details are still coming out from yesterday's news of Austin hitting his wife in their Texas home. Debra told the police that it wasn't the first time that her husband hit her and she was always afraid to call the police due to his high-profile status. She told the police officer, "I can't believe he hit me." W-O Newsletter reader Mark Roberts sent in a link from website which shows a scan of the police incident report. The report says that Steve left the house right after Debra called the police. The officers who responded to the 911 call found her crying at the front door of their house. She had a swollen right cheek and bruises on her back after her husband hit her several times and shoved her. The report also states that the victim refused medical help. Steve called twice while police officers were investigating Debra but refused to go home as requested by the police.
The officer who spoke with Steve told him that there will be a detective that will assess the assault. Steve thanked him and said he understands. No charges have been filed by Debra. The scan of the police report can be seen at

June 2002

In his latest Ross Report, the whole commentary is dedicated to the shocking events that led Steve Austin to walk out of the company this past Monday before a live RAW broadcast. "It is hard to believe that Stone Cold Steve Austin has left the company over differences in creative direction," JR said. "It is even harder to believe that his WWE career looks to be at its end as a result of this matter," he added. In his report, JR said that he and Steve are very close friends, and both have been there for each other when it was needed. However, despite their friendship, Ross said that the way Austin left the company is not the way to do business. He said that the action cannot be justified no matter what the situation is. Ross thinks that there may be other facts that are bothering Austin in the company but doesn't know what they are. JR added that the interview for Confidential he taped yesterday was one of the most challenging things he did since starting in the business. He also sent a message to the other veterans in the WWE locker room that this is a time when the company needs them as locker room leaders, and if they don't want to it, they should "simply step out of the way and make people miserable elsewhere." He closed his commentary by saying that if he's unable to correct the whole situation as head of the Talent Relations for WWE, he will be heading back home but not before without a fight, and certainly not by walking out of the company. "When I leave I will give my notice in person." One word: Wow! You can read the four page commentary at


June 2002

WWE.COM today said that Stone Cold Steve Austin has been taken off the active roster for walking out without notice for the second time in a couple of months. The statement says that Austin made the personal and unprofessional decision not to talk with management and quitting before a live show. As of today, the former champion is benched, literally. Dave Scherer of adds to the story that this week on Confidential, both Jim Ross and Vince McMahon have some 'very stiff'
things to say about Austin and everything will make it on the air.


June 2002

The big story this week is Stone Cold Steve Austin - for the second time - walking out of the company before RAW causing chaos and major part of the broadcast to be re-written just hours before the show went live on TNN. Wade Keller of the Torch reported that creative differences were once again the problem between Austin and management. He was set to face Brock Lesnar on RAW yesterday. On Byte This! two weeks ago Austin voiced his concern about the poor creative direction the company is heading to and made it clear that he's not happy at all. The day after WrestleMania X8, Austin walked out and was MIA for two straight weeks. Austin bought a ticket for himself and wife Debra and got out of Atlanta in the afternoon, flying back to his home in Texas. Hopefully we'll have more details in tomorrow's issue.


April 2001

Austin once again holds the WWF Title, defeating The Rock at Wrestlemania.


November 2000

Austin is back in action and feuding with HHH, The Rock and set for a program with Kurt Angle

Steve Austin is currently on the mend and will be back in WWF storylines in the near future. Austin is a multi time champion, and is largely responsible for pro wrestlings current unbelievable popularity! People seem to relate to Austin's "kick ass" attitude, I know I do! Austin has already attained his position as a true legend of professional wrestling.



Steve Austin looks likely to make his in ring return at WWF Wrestlemania 2000. Most likely to being involved in the main event, not as an actual competitor, but no doubt in a physical manner to influence the outcome of the match (I know the outcome is fixed / is a work). I'm just going with the storylines. Expect a stunner to either HHH or The Rock.

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