WWE boosts social media presence; Adds additional Facebook channels

WWE boosts social media presence; Adds additional Facebook channels, by Greg Tingle -
May 2018


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Sports entertainment (professional wrestling + + +) giant, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), has further boosted its already impressive social media presence, with the additional of extra Facebook sites Media Man reports.

Not content with its leading position in the sports entertainment world, with #1 position in the social media charts for all things professional wrestling, Vince McMahon's brainchild has added at least 3 more Facebook channels. These are as follows:

WWE Full Matches

WWE Raw Show

WWE SmackDown Show

This may be part of a strategy to further dominate social media rankings and scores. The WWE fans are known to be some of the most socially active fans in the world across platforms such as Facebook, and the WWE YouTube channel is often ranked in the world's Top 10.

Existing WWE social media channels include:

WWE Facebook

WWE Network Facebook

WWE Instagram


WWE SmackDown

WWE NXT Facebook

Total Divas

Total Bellas

...and almost every single WWE sports entertainer has a Facebook and / or Twitter and Instagram Account.

Early this year the WWE Mixed Match Challenge received great reviews however some within the company were less than impressed with the Facebook results and performance via WWE Mixed Match Challenge. Whatever the case, you win some - you lose some. Clearly the WWE is winning in the cast majority of cases.

WWE is currently in the process of finding their new major U.S based network channel. They are currently signed to USA Network. This comes on the heels of the MMA organisation, the UFC, inking a deal with ESPN + which has the sports media would buzzing, and also speculating on what the true worth of the WWE may be from a sports entertainment content provider - media rights perspective.

Processional wrestling has long been a staple of the media, entertainment and broadcasting industry. Little known fact to many is that some professional wrestling matches were broadcast on radio before the advent of television. Professional boxing was also broadcast via the wireless from time to time.

While we are talking the wrestling - MMA connection, the most famous wrestler / martial martial match of all time was held in Japan in 1976 and featured Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki.

The WWE continues to develop its digital strategy and Australian fans would most likely be aware of their presence via the 9GO! website (via 9Now!) and Facebook account, which has further helped position the WWE into the pop culture scene in Australia with many discussing the WWE going ons at school, at the pub and just about everywhere else. WWE merch favorite: t-shirts are not quite as popular in Australia as they were back in the Monday Night War days, where Austin 3:16 and nWo t-shirts were all the rage, but with a rumoured Hulk Hogan return coming up later this year, could it be possible that fans around the world will once again be wearing the red and yellow? Yes, before you ask, Hulk Hogan does have an official website - here, as done his long time nemeses (but good mate for real), 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair.

Modest plug for independent wrestlers:

Well done to Australia's IWA on their ongoing success. The IWA will be appearing at The Juniors Kingford, in Sydney's eastern suburbs, on Friday June 1st, 2008.

Also, shout out to 'All In' for their legit sell-out of 10,000 for the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Many of the All In talent are regulars in Japanese based promotion, New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Well fans, clearly its an exciting time to be a wrestling fan, even if one may argue that the product is overexposed. This is likely a major reason the WWE is doing more international tours, which is a smart business decision. Reminds us of when U.S rock bands started to tour Australia more often from 1980. In reality, entertainment groups generally have a state, national and international touring schedule, so fans around the world get to perform in front of packed live audiences, as well as facilitate the best ticket sales and merch numbers possible.

Other: John Cena and Nikki Bella fans. Stay glued to social media and E! Will they get back together? For our money, this is more interesting than the Royal Family stuff that keeps getting shoved down everyone's throats via Australian newspapers and television stations. We're with Peter Fitz from Fairfax Media regarding the royals, and most of his other sports thoughts.

The battle for wrestling fans hearts, minds, eyeballs and wallets is alive and well, and we wish ongoing success and health to all sports entertainers the world over.

Fantasy booking food for thought:

Pair polarizing figure Roman Reigns with Hulk Hogan, should the Hulkster return

Has Cactus Jack / Mick Foley manager a soon to be returning Dean Ambrose, as Ambrose discovers his lunatic fringe

WrestleMania or a major WWE PPV: Kenny Omega and C.M Punk turn up to challenge AJ Styles to discover who the real Best In The World is. Yes, we know Punk is under contract to the UFC. Punk is rumoured to show up at All In in Chicago, which will help make Punk more relevant in the pro wrestling world once again.

Upcoming WWE Tour of Melbourne, Australia in October: Book a major angle with an NRL or AFL player. This will help fill up the Melbourne Cricket Ground to capacity.

Pubic thanks to Daily Telegraph, News.com.au, Fox Sports for some pretty awesome WWE, pro wrestling industry and UFC coverage this year. We have also noted that The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have lifted their game in this regard also, and that ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone are also doing a fine job. Shout out also to Charlotte journalist Mike Mooneyham and American sports and wrestling producer and broadcaster / producer Evan Ginzburg Giz is currently working on some very exciting wrestling and non-wrestling projects, so look him up. Last, but not least in the wrestling media / mover n shakers category, look up long time WWE nemesis and former head honcho of WCW, Eric Bischoff. You won't want to miss his 83 Weeks, focussed on the Monday Night Wars. We promised Bruce Prichard another plug of his Something To Wrestling With. He's not also got Something Else To Wrestle With all over the WWE Network, so the cat is out of the bag and swinging all of the place

What's your fantasy booking ideas? Tell the WWE via their social media. Triple H went on record to news media that "they read everything", so put it to the test punters. See you at the matches.


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The Juniors: Kingsford, Sydney, Australia. The IWA will be aiming to make this more than just a one off appearance. Good on The Juniors for giving Australian pro wrestling talent a great venue to showcase their wares in the Eastern Suburbs.


Chris Jericho official website

Talk Is Jericho. One of the greatest podcasts in the world. No longer on PodcastOne, as is the case with Jim Ross and many others. Perhaps the wrestlers and wrestling personalities formed an underground union and all decided to take their podcasts away from the company that upset the apple cart with our late unmet friend, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper. Piper's presence is still felt in the professional wrestling industry despite his passing. Big wrestling fans know some of the story considering Piper, Ric Flair and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin in the PodcastOne arena, so we won't repeat it, but if you don't know it, it's worth looking up. The internet is an amazing tool, and from time to time some of the wrestlers can be *ools while broadcasting also. A line that had to be said.


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