Wrestling fans call for Cyndi Lauper and Andy Warhol to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame

Wrestling fans call for Cyndi Lauper and Andy Warhol to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame

Cyndi Lauper Dedicates Song To Wrestling Legends - 28th August 2018

Let's not forget Andy Kaufman - Jerry Lawler - Jim Carey (Man On The Moon) connection either

Mickey Rourke portrayal of professional wrestling in 'The Wrestler' was magnificent, but is it too edgy for a WWE Hall Of Fame nomination; Paul Heyman could be suitable inductee for Rourke re barbwire tie in!


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Cyndi Lauper named several wrestling legends at a concert last night (27th August) in San Diego, where she opened for Rod Stewart. Before she performed The Goonies 'r' Good Enough, she dedicated the song to "her adviser of many years, Captain Lou Albano," as well as Roddy Piper, The Fabulous Moolah, Andre the Giant, Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik and Wendi Richter. She mentioned that she managed Richter and "knows a few moves." She also played the video of the song during her performance, which starred Piper, Albano, "Classy" Freddie Blassie, Volkoff and Sheik, and included a cameo from Steven Spielberg. (Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Brian Reed-Baiotto)


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Cyndi Lauper would be a logical choice to induct into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Suitable persons to induct her would include Hulk Hogan, David Wolff, Wendi Richter, either of the late Robby Piper offspring, and Pat Patterson. We look forward to hearing what the WWE powers that be think of our recommendation.

Lauper and Hulk Hogan. MTV Music Video Awards

Lauper and Wendi Richter celebrate their victory at the inaugural WrestleMania in New York


Lauper, Liberace, Wendi Richter, Muhammad Ali and Hulk Hogan. WWF WrestleMania publicity photo


Piper interviews Lauper on the one and only Piper's Pit


Piper, Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan. Piper's Pit. 1987 build up towards WrestleMania III. Lauper was a key part of the glory days of Rock 'N' Roll wrestling which moved pro wrestling wrestling into the hearts and minds the world over and made in pop culture the world over! Pubic thank you to Cyndi Lauper.


The late Andy Warhol being interviewed by 'Mean' Gene Okerlund at the first WrestleMania


Mr T, Lauper and Hulk Hogan


Lauper performs at Concord, Sydney, Australia. Photography by Eva Rinaldi

Cyndi Lauper: Girls And Guys Have Fun Today At Concord, by Greg Tingle and Eva Rinaldi - 25th March 2011

I'd be waiting for this for what feels like a lifetime.

Today, via a live recording of Network Nine's 'Today' show, I got to enjoy a Cyndi Lauper performance, and boys and girls, did we have fun.

I knew that Cyndi was is Sydney, as the word of this good news was all the buzz with news media, photographers and fans, but fortunately I got tipped off about the Goodard Park morning appearance just the night before with an article appearing in The Inner West Courier.

The live 'Today' show started at 5.30am, however Cyndi and the band didn't appear on stage and kick off their performance until 7.15am or so.

The crowd was pumped, as were television presenters Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson and Richard 'Wilde' (in another lifetime) Wilkins.

I was fortunate to get to the park earlier and was able to find a spot really close to the front of the stage. Soon after I got there, hundreds more flocked in and we started to feel like sardines for a while, but security was onto it and was able to reduce some of the stress.

It's amazing how good Cyndi looks and sounds for her youthful 57. Her vibrant energy radiated the stage and the audience, and genuine warmth and appreciation was reciprocated.

I was delighted to hear that the ultra talented New Yorker has a son of 13 years of age, the same delightful (most of the time) age of mine. Cyndi told the story to Nine's entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, of junior who once partly took over her show with 'Do You Want To Shout', and how he definitely has some musical talent.

The singer performed 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', Time After Time', 'True Colours', as well as a few new numbers that she will also perform on her current Australian tour.

My only complaints were that there wasn't an open bar and that the sausage sizzle finished about just as fast as it started. The ques for food and drinks were too long, but we weren't there for bites anyway. We wanted entertainment, and boy did we get it. Go girl, and thanks to Channel Nine - your still my One also.

Yes, we had heaps of fun, and I really look forward to seeing Cyndi's indoor performance in Sydney at the State Theatre, which will occur on the 31 March and the 1st of April. A double dose of fun. Can't wait.

Mickey Rourke and the late 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper. 'The Wrestler' promotion


Rourke and Evan Ginzburg (associate producer of The Wrestler)


Andy Kaufman and Jerry 'The King' Lawler interviewed by David Letterman on The Tonight Show. This may be the highest rating network television segment of all time. If not, its very close. Apparently Letterman and his producers were not in on the act! Jim Carey would later play Kaufman in the 'Man In The Moon' movie.


Campbell's Tomato Soup. Largely made famous via Andy Warhol's pop art. Interview Magazine website


Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Cans


Museum Of Modern Art: Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Cans 1962



Cyndi Lauper - The Goonies 'R' Good Enough

A look back at the birth of Hulkamania (multimedia)



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