Wrestling Gaming Embraces Old-School Thrills With RetroMania

Wrestling Gaming Embraces Old-School Thrills With Retro


While there is nothing quite like watching top wrestling stars in action, many of us would, of course, love the chance to step into their shoes and try the sport out for ourselves. Sadly, that is not possible for the majority of us, but at least we always have the option of taking control of our favorites by playing wrestling video games. In recent weeks, buzz has been building around a new title which is set to be launched next year, with interest particularly focusing on how it could prove popular with wrestling fans who like their gaming with a bit of a classic twist.

Going retro

Reports have revealed that Retrosoft Studios is planning to release RetroMania Wrestling for the PC and the Nintendo Switch in the early part of 2020, while it is also apparently seeking the go-ahead to bring it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One too.

As ComicBook.com outlines, the game has been designed to offer up a gaming experience which evokes the classic console titles of the 1990s, with some specifically describing it as a successor to the 1991 title Wrestlefest. Expected to feature up to 16 playable characters at launch, it will also offer multiplayer for up to eight people as well as match types ranging from one-on-one to battle royale.



It is certainly an intriguing proposition, but it is also just the latest example of how wrestling can be effectively adapted and introduced to the video gaming arena.

A big impact

Gamers have the option of playing on some many different devices these days and it is interesting to note that wrestling has had an impact on each of them.

Mobile gaming has developed massively in recent years and the sport is represented by the likes of Wrestling Revolution 3D and official WWE games such as WWE Universe, which gives players the chance to play as a range of stars. In addition, wrestling has even made the leap into the online casino world with slot games based on Andre the Giant and the likes of Luchadora embracing a Mexican theme. Such titles can generally be found on online casino sites and may even be available to play with promotions such as free spins which don't require a deposit, but make sure to check the T&Cs carefully.

Of course, wrestling titles have also found a natural home on consoles through the years thanks to the seemingly endless stream of official WWE titles. However, while those games have been created to offer a certain level of realism through the use of proper likenesses of stars, RetroMania is set to provide a completely different type of experience.

Plenty of anticipation

So while it is fair to say that wrestling has a strong presence in gaming, anticipation is high about the old-school thrills that RetroMania could offer. Whether you are a gamer seeking simple arcade thrills or an old-timer who wants to reminisce about the wrestling games of their youth, this title may well be the one for you when it launches next year.