Which Superstar Should Win The Men's Royal Rumble In 2021?

Which Superstar Should Win The Men's Royal Rumble In 2021


The countdown for the Royal Rumble is now underway, with fans already accessing which superstars could be best placed to win the match. Fans should be aware that the winner of the match will get a guaranteed title shot at the biggest event of the year - the WrestleMania.

There are already a number of superstars that fans believe should be considered favourites to win the huge match. But, which superstar is the real contender to win the 2021 Royal Rumble?

Big E

Big E's star has continued to rise over the past couple of months, as he is now competing as a singles star. That push looks set to continue over the next couple of months, as he was drafted to SmackDown during the recent opening night of the WWE Draft.

It was further evidence that the WWE will continue to put their faith in Big E, as he will now be going at it alone on the blue brand, as the remainder of the New Day were drafted to Raw just moments after capturing the tag team titles on the blue brand.

Fans have been wanting Big E to compete in singles action for a number of years now, and the Royal Rumble could be the moment that fans have been waiting for as he is the standout contender.

There will certainly be an interesting story to tell between Big E and Roman Reigns, with Big E standing to gain a lot from the man that has been dominating the headlines since returning to the company earlier this year as a heel with Paul Heyman by his side.

Keith Lee

Not many superstars in WWE history have enjoyed a better start to their WWE career that Keith Lee. There was an awful lot of expectancy when he made the transition from NXT to the main roster, and so far, he has lived up to all of that hype.

He enjoyed huge moments while still on NXT on the main cards, as he was one of the two final superstars in the Survivor Series match last year, where Roman Reigns gave Lee a huge rub by making him look a million dollars.

Brock Lesnar did the same in the Royal Rumble match last year before he was eliminated. However, this could be his year to showcase that he is one of the major stars in the company. His chances of winning will likely hinge on who the WWE Champion is, while a feud with Reigns could also be enticing as the two superstars have already shared the ring in the past.



There haven't been many bigger comebacks in recent WWE history than Edge's last year. Fans at the arena became hysterical as Edge's music hit towards the end of the match.

It was a moment that fans never thought that they would see again after Edge was forced to retire after sustaining a career-ending neck injury. However, after tests and assessments leading up to the Rumble, it was revealed that he could step back in a ring again.

His return was kept secret, which made it one of the most special moments in WWE history. Since that match, he had been feuding with Randy Orton, which saw Edge claim his first singles win in nearly ten years at WrestleMania.

However, injury cut short that momentum, but he could be set to return in time for the Rumble in January. It could be the perfect end to the Edge/Orton rivalry, as Edge could be the one to take the WWE Championship away from the Viper.

There you have it, our top 3 picks for future Royal Rumble winners. And if you like martial arts, make sure you also check out the odds for MMA: https://extra.betamerica.com/mma/odds/