TMZ big fans of WWE and pro wrestling aka sports entertainment

TMZ big fans of WWE and pro wrestling aka sports entertainment (opinion article)


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The TMZ team, or at least the boss, Harvey Levin, are huge WWE fans.

You only have to look at the amount of coverage they offer the sports entertainment aka pro wrestling powerhouse on a monthly, if not weekly basis.

We here at Media Man Int and Wrestling News Media are delighted with the ongoing TMZ coverage of our favorite wrestling promotion.

Just an observation... over the past year or so TMZ appears to be running many more PR type and positive news coverage pieces... which is fine, but we have also noticed less hard nosed journalism coverage from TMZ on the sports entertainment powerhouse. That's sometimes just the nature of the media business. Once a company gets a little more cozy with a media outlet often the news stories become a little more watered down.

To the WWE's credit, they have been running a very tight ship and have given media companies little ammunition to throw at them as relates to any negative type news.

Media Man publicity commends the WWE on their Wellness Program, and all of the steps that the powers that be take in looking after wrestlers heath and mental well-being.

Pro wrestling has had more than their fair share of negative type news over the years, but because of their real efforts to improve the lives of their workers they employ, it appears to be of a much safer environment than what it was back in the 80's to 90's. Wrestlers are all to well aware that drugs including pain killers and drinks don't mix, and wrestlers don't have to drive themselves so many miles these days, with many having access to buses. They still travel the world on frequent basis, but the travel is made a lot easier for them. WWE is of course protecting their investment in the talent, but it's also obviously the right thing to do. WWE is not a baby-sitter, nor should they be.

Hopefully TMZ will offer up additional positive and balanced news coverage on the WWE via television, in addition to their substantial updates on TMZ Sports, online and the like.

Well done TMZ and WWE - a match made in heaven.



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