Pro wrestling aka "sports entertainment" 3 Way Dance: WWE VS Impact Wrestling aka TNA vs New Japan Pro Wrestling

Pro wrestling aka "sports entertainment' 3 Way Dance: WWE VS Impact Wrestling aka TNA vs New Japan Pro Wrestling

Vince McMahon vs Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions vs Naoki Sugabayashi and Katsuhiko Harada tag-team; Chris Jericho New Japan secret weapon

WWE's and AXS's Jim Ross peacemaker preventing World War 3 in progress wrestling world

Triple H has battle on his hands for World Wrestling Entertainment dominance into new year

Billionaire and pro wrestling superfan Mark Cuban behind New Japan resurgence; Jim Ross confirms on Podcast

Hulk Hogan rumored return to WWE may be McMahon secret weapon to retain WWE audience

McMahon bringing in 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin for WWE RAW 25th Anniversary

WrestleMania 34 may feature Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Chris Rock for star power

WWE's Roman Reigns looking strong in firms and fans eyes for WrestleMania main event

Brock Lesnar tipped for more WWE dates; Staying on with WWE for foreseeable future

Ken Shamrock aka 'The World's Most Dangerous Man' offers up weekly updates via Dangerous Podcast; Shamrock pushing for bare knuckle fighting alternative to challenge UFC padded glove watered down product

New Japan offering more hardcore and athletic pro wrestling style

Lucha Underground playing its cards close to chest

UFC needs more superfights to retain and build dominance as Belator MMA builds

Showtime Boxing looking at more mixed matchups following McGregor success

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The McMahon family still largely control the pro wrestling world. Potential Disney buyout rumors persist


Eric Bischoff may be a sleeping giant in 2018 pro wrestling war


Hulk Hogan has a track record for drawing live audience, television and Internet ratings


Shinsuke Nakamura remains popular with the WWE hardcore fanbase


WWE's Paul Heyman (Heyman Hustle) and Brock Lesnar remain dominant


New Japan's Kenny Omega stock is up following 5 star match vs Chris Jericho


Ken Shamrock offers no holds barred commentary on The World's Most Dangerous Podcast


Jimmy Hart aka 'The Mouth Of The South' is a long time manager and associate of pro wrestling living legend Hulk Hogan. Hart is a heavy hitter in the wrestling world


Vince McMahon is still the king of the pro wrestling world, with Triple H tipped to be successor


Wrestling's Living Legend: Bruno Sammartino


Pro wrestling has lost many greats in recent years such as the legendary 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper


Ronda Rousey shook up the MMA world in the UFC and may look to compete in the WWE as par of the ongoing WWE's Women's revolution.