Photography: Different things to different people, by Greg Tingle

Photography is different things to different people.

Sure, it's about the snap of a lens, or the flick of a button, capturing a moment of time, but there's so much more.

For the author of this very website, Media Man Australia, its about the old cliche....a picture tells a thousand words.

Photography is also about promotion. In media and PR circles, a photo next to a well known "celebrity" can be money in the bank, and guaranteed publicity.

Here in Australia, beautiful Bessie Bardot, agent, model and more, is arguably the queen of the publicity show. Her photo with Richard Branson is unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry. Heck, this author's photo with Max Markson, head honcho of publicity company, Markson Sparks! sure elevated my profile.

Then you have the folks who treat photography purely as art (down with digital photography).

Whatever your take on photography, one thing is certain; it is one of the most powerful and influential media's of all time.