Full Guide: How to Play the Free Pokies with No Download Needed

Full Guide: How to Play the Free Pokies with No Download Needed



Online gaming has taken off in a big way in recent years, mainly because of faster internet speeds, and the ability for more people to play on their mobile devices. One area that has grown is online games. They are particularly popular in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

One of the sites that offer more details about these types of games is Pokieslab, the platform with free pokies with no download required and the full guide on how free online pokies work with no download and registration. Pokieslab has the collection of 100+ the best online pokies for fun and goes into detail about each one's game features and odds to win. The idea is that it allows getting to know each game before deciding to play pokies with no downloads and are free to play.
Although they may go by different names in each country, their premise is the same. There you will find a selection of reels and varying numbers of paylines that offer different odds of winning depend on the game.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start Playing Free Pokies

So, when you think of the word 'slot' as in 'slot machine' what does it bring to mind? Perhaps it conjures up the old gambling movies when they enter the casino and are surrounded by the slot machines. These are machines that have a set of reels with different symbols on them. When you play one game, the reels revolve and stop. You then get three symbols on the win line. If they match the order you need to win; then the machine will pay out a set sum of coins.



These machines have been popular for many years, and go by different configurations and names in each country.

*Fruit Machines. These are popular in the United Kingdom. They are usually only found in bars and clubs, as you need to be over the age of 18 years old to play them. As the name suggests, they have fruit symbols on them.

*One-Armed Bandits. This name was given to the first machines that used reels. The arm on the side was used to pull down and begin the game.

* Pokies. It is an Australian slang term for slot machines of this type. The name is also used for online and video versions.

*Video Slots. This name is given to games that use a video screen instead of the traditional mechanical reels. Most pokies have changed to this type of machine now.

When you see that a pokies site is promising free slots, it is important to understand what that means. For most of the games, they need some type of bet to start playing. It could be in the form of a coin for the real machines to a virtual bid for the online games. Free slots mean that there is no money needed to play. However, some games offer a free and a real money version. It can be especially crucial if you want to practice playing the game for free before risking any real money.

This guide is designed to help those who have never had any experience of playing pokies before. When the customer for the first time looks for the game, it can be confusing, and it might be difficult to understand which one would be best for you. This guide will describe all the steps on how to play free pokies.

Online versions of the pokies games are the same as those original machines. There are still reels that spin and reveal symbols that relate to a winning combination. The main benefit of having an online game is that there are more possibilities within the game then you can get from the traditional machine versions. More symbols can be used, and more ways to win can be incorporated into the game.

Learn About Main Terms for Online Slots


The odds of hitting the jackpot are carefully set up as part of the payback percentage. This percentage is the amount of money that is paid out of the total money put in. For example, a payback percentage of 90% means the casino keeps 10 percent, and the rest is paid back in winnings. In most cases, this is set using a chip in the machine.

The machine will also use other ways to keep you playing, such as creating a 'near miss' which is when the reel stops just before the jackpot.


Chances of Winning

When it comes to winning at pokies, the odds are fixed for each game you play. It means your chances of winning are based more on how the game more and the payback percentage.

The old theory that a game that has recently paid out will go cold or that one that has not paid out for a while is 'due' is false. The pokies will usually payout depending on what you put in and how you play the bonuses.

Return to Player (RTP)
RTP is the calculated payout of any particular slot machine. Online games usually have an RTP percentage of around 90-98%, which is far better than real slot machines. The RTP will usually be less than 100%. Otherwise, the casino would make no money from the machines. It means for a slot with an RTP of 90%, the casino gets 10%, and the player receives 90%.

There are various levels of volatility, depending on the game you are playing, and this will determine the odds of winning. Low volatility games will give more chances of winning, and it will be easier to get the right combinations. However, the payouts for these will be quite low. High volatility games offer a smaller chance of winning. However, if they are played with the right strategy, they can yield higher payouts.

Progressive Jackpots
One of the best features of online pokies games is the progressive jackpot. With a progressive jackpot, there are usually several pokies all linked together in a shared jackpot. This amount will grow the more players play the games and continue until someone wins it. It is what makes these types of slots so attractive to players.

Below there are some examples of slots with a detailed explanation of the features discussed above:

Queen of the Nile has an RTP of 95.6% that offers a good return. It also features a progressive jackpot, which is big money if played the right way. The volatility of this game is set at medium to high. Therefore, although the chances of winning are not high, the payouts will be better. It also has 20 paylines, which is better chances of winning from different combinations.

Red Baron has low volatility - it is easier to get a winning combination, but the payouts will be lower. RTP of 96%, which means the casino, will get 4% in profit. As a low volatility game, it is not a part of a progressive jackpot. Among features, this slot provides 243 ways to win on 5 reels that increase the odds of winning.

Bear Money has a slightly higher RTP of 96.5%, so more money will come back to the player. The volatility is set as a medium, so there is an average chance of winning a decent amount of money. This game does not have a progressive jackpot, so the top prize will always be the same. It has 5 reels and a total of 10 paylines that increase the chances of winning.

How to Play Free Pokies Online

Before jumping into playing your first game online, there are a few things needed to consider:

1. Research Any Casino Offers. Most casinos, both online and land-based, will offer specific incentives to play for new members. It is a good idea to do research and check out what they offer before the start. For example, with the slot Indian Dreaming on Pokieslab, the player can get between 10 and 20 free spins if he wins the special multiplier.

2. Decide the Right Bet Amount. It is one area that you need to be sure about before start playing. It can be easy to simply start betting and be carried away with the slot and bet more. You need to set yourself a comfortable betting amount before playing. Check out the amounts the games need to play well and see if this is acceptable for you.



3. Avoid Casino Myths. You may have heard people say that pokies are ready to pay out, or that because a game has paid out, it will not work again for a long while. Myths like these can cause the usage of the wrong strategy, so only stick to what you know is true. Own research and experience will serve the player far better.

4. Double Check the Stats. When you are looking for the right game to play, check all the figures before the start. It can be confusing at times, so double-check the payout, RTP and other stats. The volatility of pokies will be and whether or not the game has a progressive payout. For example, the slot Agent Jane Blonde on Pokieslab has high volatility and an RTP of 96.1%.

How to Beat the Slots Machines Online

Once you have found the pokies you want to play, a winning strategy must be developed.
1. Research the Payouts. The payout percentages will tell how much of the money put into the game will be won in prize money. The closer this percentage is to 100%, the better it is for the player. For example, on Big Red, the payout percentage or RTP is 97.04%. Some pokies have higher RTPs of up to 99%.
2. Choose Higher Percentage Payouts. Based on your research, you need to choose then games with a higher percentage of payout as close to 100% as possible. It will mean you will get the maximum back for your money. Pokies such as Indian Dreaming offer an RTP of 98.99%, which is a good number to aim for.
3. Pick Pokies with Small Jackpots. Choosing games with low volatility or variance will also help your strategy. The lower the volatility, the more often the game will payout. While the payouts may be smaller than higher volatility machines, you get more chances of winning. Slots such as Dolphin Treasure offer low volatility, which is good for your strategy.



4. Bet the Maximum Wager. Most games will only pay bonuses and jackpots if the maximum credits are bet. It means that if you want to start winning the maximum, betting the maximum is required. However, only bet as much as you feel comfortable placing.
5. Pick Pokies You Like. One of the main reasons to play is to have fun, so choose the games that you enjoy. Depending on your strategy, the gap between payouts can sometimes exist, so you might as well be having fun.

Do and Don'ts in Playing Free Pokies

Based on what this guide learns us, here are final dos and don'ts when you are considering playing free pokies:
* Higher bets will mean a higher payout percentage in the end. Choose these games if you want a better payout.
* To play the progressive jackpot pokies, make sure you are eligible for the jackpots. It means betting the right amount on qualifying.
* Pick games that you like. Choose the game that match your strategy and has high qualities. It implies the possibility to get more out of them in the end.
* Always stick to your budget. It can be easy to be carried away when playing, so always try to stick to the budget you have decided on before the start.
* Do not go into a game cold. To ensure the possibility to get the best results, it is obligatory to know what the pokies is about before you start playing. This way, the player has the best opportunity to win and see what he needs to do to play well.
* The same applies to online casinos. As well as knowing the game, you should also see the casino. Do not rush into playing without knowing what incentives the casino offers.

If you are new to pokies and want to start enjoying the games, then by following this guide, you can not only enjoy playing your favorite pokies but also learn how to win big.

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