Cyberstalking is more real than you think

Cyberstalking is more real than you think, by Greg Tingle

*note: in late 2006 the author attracted another stalker and cyber stalker. On the 18th January 2006, the author was interviewed from Network Nine's 60 Minutes about the stalker. On the 16th December 2005 the author was interviewed by B&T (Australian media journal) about his stalker the the e-crime he fell victim to. There was a Virgin related tie in. More information will be releases to the media and general public in the near future.

Media Man Australia explores the world of cyberstalking.

Why would we write about such a bizarre activity you ask?

Media Man Australia (Greg Tingle), has been a victim himself.

Cyberstalking is much more common than many people realize. I should know.

My first experience with this goes back a number of years, after a met a person (female) via the internet.

Cyberstalking is now a crime, punishable by law, in many parts of the world.

A case of cyberstalking can start out as innocently as a blind date with someone you "met" online. That's what happened to me.

You decide that you don't want to maintain contact with them, for whatever reason, like because their a "nutter", but they ignore your verbal and written requests to drop the contact.

Cyberstalkers and cyber criminals find immunity via the internet.

How many of you know someone that has had a bad experience from meeting someone from the internet or even been a victim of online fraud?

My advise is to never go on blind dates, let alone venture into the world of online dating.

Meet people the old fashioned way - through existing friends and family, the local shops and the like.

Bad people can be found everywhere, but they seem to thrive in an online environment.

Cyberstalking is real - from someone who knows.

*the above article is a work in progress, and I am continuing to work on this piece.

Editors note: Yes, cyberstalking is real. Unfortunately I have been a victim. My advice is to ignore it, and it will likely go away, but perhaps its a case by case basis.



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