Conor McGregor Cuts Deal to Avoid NYC Jail
Conor McGregor Cuts Deal to Avoid NYC Jail

Conor McGregor Cuts Deal to Avoid NYC Jail


In a move that surprised a lot of people, it seems Irish mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor has decided to plead guilty to the charges of disorderly conduct whilst in New York. But this plea comes with a silver lining as the admittance of a guilty verdict allows McGregor to avoid the seven-year jailtime he was facing along with large fines, the possibility of further civil suits and immigration woes for his US visa should he be convicted by the courts. This court case will also result in him losing a great deal of money, so there’s less for him to spend lavishly on things such as the best online casino slots.

The incident in question that McGregor pled guilty to was attacking a bus filled with UFC fighters in New York’s Barclay Centre back in April. His frenzied attack that the judge deemed as “criminal mischief” left three UFC athletes injured with one suffering cuts to his eye from flying broken glass and McGregor staring down serious jailtime.

During the attack McGregor was seen running up to a bus carrying other UFC fighters before yelling angrily and launching a trolley through one of the front windows. His outburst later turned out to be because of the recent decision by the UFC to strip him of his lightweight title. A decision that Connor McGregor angrily objected to in several profanity covered tirades he left over on his Twitter account.

So instead of doing something constructive and calming like playing a game on Easy Slots, Conor decided to take his frustrations out on a large bus.

But McGregor fans can relax as instead of destroying his career, McGregor was handed a sentence by the judge of community service for five days. He was also given ‘orders of protection’ to stay away from three people that were injured in the attack and to attend an anger management programme.

As part of his rather fleeting court appearance, McGregor stood before the judge looking humbled in a dark suit with a striped tie. Commenting on the result of the brief court case McGregor said: “I just want to say I’m thankful to the DA and the judge for allowing me to move forward.”

Looking visibly relieved as the sentencing was passed down, McGregor continued by thanking his friends, family and fans for all the continued support during the legal proceedings.

When asked what was next for the UFC superstar his manager Audie Attar chimed in: “Now it’s about getting back to business.”

The famous fighter and his entourage were then rushed to a SUV that was waiting nearby as fans in the crowd cheered him on like he was a conquering hero and not someone that just missed going to prison.

The Verdict

Although he looked humbled in court this isn’t McGregor’s first time his attitude has gotten him in trouble. But he should take the massive bullet he just dodged onboard and uses those five days of community service to reflect on his actions and calm down before going off on another rage fuelled attack is something we will need to keep an eye on.