Coming up Trumps ... and Can you Trump this?

Coming up Trumps by Cindy Martin - 6th February 2005
(The Sunday Telegraph)
(media placement by Greg Tingle - Media Man Australia)

With her ex-hubby Donald Trump tying the knot for the third time, Ivana Trump (right) is pulling out all stops to put on her own extravagant show.

Fresh from the set of Women On Top, next month Ms Trump is bound for Airlie Beach, on Queensland's Whitsundays, and her luxury resort off Abel Point.

The launch of the project will be like none other this country has seen. And if rumours are true, I wouldn't mind taking a dip in the resort's pool - especially if it's really going to be filled with French champagne.

Last year developers X and X X staged a gala event that was attended by local celebrities, including singers Kate Cebrano and Jon Stevens. But who could appear at Ivana's upcoming bash?

Hollywood and media types soon to hit the region's shores include actor Errol Flynn's grandson, Luke; entrepreneur Bob Winstead and return visits by Scottish actor Sean Connery and rock singer Billy Thorpe.

Make no mistake, the name of the game here is publicity and developers fall over themselves trying to out-do each other.


Can you Trump this?, by Greg Tingle - placed in media on the 6th February 2005
(The Sunday Telegraph)

In tropical Northern Queensland a game of "can you trump this" is emerging.

It reads like a carefully crafted script from 'The Apprentice', 'Beverly Hills 92310', 'Dallas' and a twist of 'Sylvania Waters'.

The Whitsundays is renowned for it's Hollywood appeal, remoteness and natural beauty, not to mention the enormous investment opportunities, and this hasn't gone unnoticed by film makers, nor reality television moguls.

Ivana Trump, just coming off the set of 'Women On Top', is set to embark on an epic press conference or publicity stunt in the Whitsundays. Ivana will be focussing on the successful launch of her 'Ivana Great Barrier Reef' luxury resort, which hangs off Abel Point. No doubt paparazzi will be lurking for this one, especially when rumours of a "champaign filled swimming pool" start surfacing.

Those in the know are aware that this upcoming event is far from the only "big gig" the region has seen in recent times. Last year the regions other "celebrity property developers", X and X made a huge splash with their 'Tiara and White Tie' gala event that was attended by the who's who including Kate Ceberano, Jon Stevens, Rick Price and Richard Wilkins. One wouldn't be surprised by who could appear at Ivana's upcoming bash.

Clearly in recent times there has been a renewed interest in the Whitsundays, and Hollywood and media types set to soon hit the region's shores include Luke Flynn (grandson of Errol), Bob Winstead (Entrepreneurs - The Reality Show), and Ita Buttrose hot on the heals of Sean Connery and Billy Thorpe's most recent visitation.

Make no mistake, the name of game here is publicity, and with multi million dollar penthouses and condominiums a plenty, complete with the million-dollar view - the stakes are high. One can only imagine what the likes of the Xs may have planned in the pipeline.

Ivana has indeed raised the bar in this game of can you top (or "Trump") this.


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