Betting agency Paddy Power giving odds on Hulk Hogan and CM Punk WWE return!

Betting agency Paddy Power giving odds on Hulk Hogan and CM Punk WWE pro wrestling return! - May 2017

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World famous betting agency and gaming firm, Paddy Power, advises the Media Man that odds are that sooner or later Hulk Hogan and / or CM Punk will return to the WWE.

At this stage of the game there appears to be a much stronger chance that Hulk Hogan will return. It's when, not if.

In recent weeks WWE has included Hulk Hogan more prominently on both the WWE Network as well as via traditional marketing and promotional materials, specifically in the European markets. This has been noticed by both hard-core / smart wrestling fans, casual fans, as well as by mainstream and niche media outlets.

Paddy Power have already been given odds as to who is winning the 2018 Royal Rumble match with CM Punk having the higher odds of winning than the Hulkster. Media Man advises that Dave Batista and Kurt Angle should also be considered as surprise entrants and as potential winners.

This would lead us to WrestleMania 34, where we wouldn't be surprised to see wrestling legends Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, CM Punk and Batista see in ring action, and you can bet that Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will be featured strongly. We hope The Rock will also make the grade, and let's hope to see the continued elevation of Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. What becomes of Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton come WrestleMania time is a wait and see situation.

The wrestling world is also hoping to see more "Broken" antics by Matt and Jeff Hardy. Matt continues to use moderate "broken" references via his in ring and promo efforts. Insiders tip that Jeff Hardy is in for a strong singles push, and Big Cass also appears to be heading for more one on one competition.

All in all its an exciting time to be a wrestling fans, WWE or otherwise. One of the biggest issues is where does one find the time to watch so much current WWE programming.

Wrestling fans can look forward to more dream match ups on the way, and in the meantime there's plenty of behind the scenes and insider news to follow and speculate on.

Kudo's to WWE top brass, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon and behind the scenes mastermind, Pat Patterson. They keep our interest, just when you think things might ease off in the post WrestleMania season. PS: Be on the lookout for John Cena to also elevate himself into WWE management type roles, as he starts to wind down his WWE in-ring career.

We are hoping to hear much more from legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross, who has done some tremendous media coverage, interviews and the like over the years with greats such as Paul Heyman, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock 'The World's Most Dangerous Man', Vince Russo (former WWE and WCW booker), Ric Flair, and countless others. Welcome back JR. If would sure be awesome to see Ken Shamrock and Steve Austin in an in-ring WWE angle of some kind. There's only so many legit pro wrestling legends of the modern era, and the return of JR is a great sign.

Keep tuning in to Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Australian Sports Entertainment as we continue to cover the inner workings of the WWE and pro wrestling industry, and don't forget to keep checking out our interviews with wrestlers, fighters and other world class athletes and entertainers.

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