4 of the Best Sports Documentaries on Netflix

4 of the Best Sports Documentaries on Netflix


Get your snacks ready, get comfortable in your favourite chair and have a Netflix and chill with some of the best sports documentaries on the ‘flix. Every month Netflix’s collection of sports documentaries gets bigger and bigger, so with so much choice it’s hard to know where to start on the well-stocked sports collection, so Ian from Mega Reel (a new slot company) has spent some time in the field doing his research to bring you a definitive list of the best sports documentaries to get glued to: from football to wrestling, these documentaries will have you glued to your seat with their gripping portrayals of real-life events, the athletes and the villains who bring shame and scandal to much loved sports.

1. The Resurrection of Jake The Snake

If you’re a lover of WWE this is a perfect place to start. This documentary is a tell-all-tale which doesn’t sugar coat anything and follows the chronicles of WWE legend wrester Jake Roberts, also known as Jake the Snake. The documentary follows Jake in his many attempts to make a big come back from his sad state after hitting the self-destruct button. This raw, no hole barred documentary has a strong heart felt friendship theme and showcases the bond between Jake and his old friend Diamond Dallas Page and demonstrate Jakes struggle with his inner demons.

2. Pumping Iron

This 1970’s classic documentary focuses on Arnold Schwarzenegger before he was famous provides a fantastic insight into the world of professionally body building and shows the behind the scene action of a Mr. Olympia contestant which proves to be fascinating, demonstrating how body building has literally gone from strength to strength in the sporting arena.

3. The Summit

This documentary follows the events in 2008 on Everest where the disaster resulted in 11 deaths and has gone down in history as one of the most tragic mountaineering disasters of our time. The documentary seeks to explain the events, what actually happened, and they do so in incredible details by interviewing survivors to get answer to difficult questions. The footage is nothing less that chilling and is worth a watch as the director Nick Ryan has done an incredible job on this documentary with a combination of real footage and recreation scenes which were shot in Switzerland. Remember you can find some great slots at Mega Reel if you’re ever feeling lucky.

4. Happy Valley

Amir Bar-Lev’s documentary focuses on some difficult questions and upsetting subjects in this documentary about one of America’s favourite sports. It concentrates on the media scandal that erupted following the Penn State Nittany Lions when following an investigation, it was discovered that the assistant football coach Jerry Danfusky had been molesting children for decades, heinous and sickening crimes that were covered up by the university itself. This documentary put institutions that we trust and hold respect for under the microscope in this explosive documentary. This documentary not only shows Danfusky’s crime but highlights the consequences of the cover up and the rotting values at the core of the institution.