Vince McMahon
Many would say the greatest of all time. To many achievements to list! The WWE CEO.
Lilian Garcia
Ring announcer for the WWE / WWF. Lilian also sings and models.
Gary Michael Cappetta
Former ring announcer for the WWF / WWWF / WWE and WCW. Has written a "tell all" book
Jason Justin Roberts
Ring announcer for wrestling (WWE) martial arts and boxing events, particularly in the U.S
Vince Russo
Vince Russo had done many duties in WWE, WWF, WCW and elsewhere.
Howard Finkel
Howard Finkel is the WWE's longest serving employees.
Eric Bischoff
Executive, Manager and former announcer for WCW, AWA, K-1 and more
Andy Raymond
The face of FOX sports. Ring announcing for wrestling, boxing, martial arts and more.
Greg Tingle
TV Presenter, Sports Journalist, Salesman, Promoter, Website Builder, and Media Mogul!
Ace Megastar
Wrestling Manager, Wrestler and Announcer.


May 2003

Greg Tingle interviews Jason Justin Roberts. See the interview at: Media Man Australia

September 2002

Greg Tingle make huge impression commentating at the AWE shows.

10th August 2002

Greg Tingle, Sports Journalist, has been offered a spot on the new Australian Wrestling Entertainment promotion. Greg has been on 2UE recently, defending Sports Entertainment, against the likes of John Laws! No one can out-talk Greg Tingle. Watch out for interesting situations with Amy Action, Vaughn Buckland and IWA! Check out our Amy Action profile and the AWE profile.


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