Amy Action

Amy Action is arguably the best female pro wrestlers in Australia.

If your not convinced, come out to the live wrestling shows in Sydney, and see first hand for yourself.

This journalist know. I was attacked by Amy Action and Storm in the CTV1 Sydney Studios, while the tape was running!

Amy Action will be on the upcoming AWE ( Australian Wrestling Entertainment ) shows from Saturday 24th August, at Fairfield-Cabramatta PCYC.




Amy Action appearances in 2002

Australian Wrestling Entertainment

24th August - Fairfield-Cabramatta PCYC - Belltime 8pm
1st September - Campbelltown PCYC - Belltime 3pm
21st September - Fairfield-Cabramatta PCYC - Belltime 8pm
22nd September - Bexley RSL - Belltime 3pm
29th September - St Marys Leagues Club. Belltime TBA.
Amy is also slated for an appearance with the AWF in September. For more information on the AWE click here

Amy & Thunderstorm attack Channel 31 Presenter and make "Entertainment Sydney" Promo!

Just when TV presenter Greg Tingle thought it was safe to get back into the presenters seat, Amy has struck again. This time assisted by fellow female wrestler Thunderstorm. Thunderstorm (on the set of "Around the World with Joy") viciously let fly with one of her thunderous chops that sent Mr Tingle reeling Amy then proceeded to lift Greg off the ground and bring him down with a cracking backbreaker much to Amy and Thunderstorm's amusement. The production crew of Mr Tingle's latest venture "Entertainment Sydney" (also on channel 31) were so impressed with the hammering that they picked up on the story and the video footage of the incident. Much to Mr. Tingles dismay channel 31 have decided to use the footage as a part of the Entertainment Sydney promo. So amongst the Hollywood stars like Jodie Foster & Australian modeling icon Elle MacPherson channel 31 viewers can now regularly help relive the moment Thunderstorm & Amy decided to give Mr Tingle a lesson in Women's Professional Wrestling.

Amy Action recently rekindled her alliance with Dean Draven for an AWF show. Amy has not been seen managing Dean Draven at ringside since their wrestling split when Amy turned on Dean at a TWP wrestling event late 2000. If you recall Dean retaliated by bringing in new manager Venom. Although Amy and Venom eventually patched their differences for the historical women's tag match in 2001, Amy and Dean never reunited as a wrestling force until their appearance this month. In a show of strength Dean challenged former TWP rival Mace to a match and along with Kid Cross, to add to the arse kicking fun. Dean proved too strong, first eliminating Kid Cross with his Kamikaze headbutt and then making Mace tap out to the cradle leg splitter.


In recent weeks Amy made a guest appearance on the All Real Pro Wrestling show in Sydney as a special guest referee. Amy proved that she does know all the rules of Professional wrestling (although she doesn't always believe in adhering to them) and refereed straight down the line. Legendary Mario Milano was in Sydney making a special appearance on the show (in a non wrestling capacity) and several wrestlers trained by Amy also appeared on the card.

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