Amateur Wrestling Resource

Kurt Angle
Official website of wrestler (Official WWE)
Kurt Angle
Our tribute to Kurt Angle
Daniel Agali
Official website of Olympic Amateur wrestler, Daniel Agali (Canada)
Dan Gable
Official website of Olympic Amateur gold medal Wrestle
Dan Bidondi
An amateur wrestler, turned pro. A man to watch.
Virtual Library (Amateur Wrestling)
One of the best wrestling and martial arts resources on the web
Renegade Wrestling Club
Clip art, animation on amateur wrestling
Amateur wrestling portal (American website)
Amateur wrestling portal
Amateur wrestling portal, Greek, links etc
Penn York Wrestling
Dates, wrestlers, etc.
National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum
America's shrine to the sport of wrestling
NCAA Sports

Great Amateur wrestlers who went professional

Bob Backlund
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
Ricky Steamboat
Steve "Dr Death" Williams
Scott Steiner
Dan Severn
Bruno Sammartino
The Iron Sheik
Mike Rotundo
Bret & Owen Hart
Bob Roop
David Lettermen: Top 10 - Reasons your wrestling coach has gone nuts!
Gotch vs Hackensmidt (


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